Weird and Unusual Arkansas City and Town Names

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Arkansas could fill up its own "Top Weird Names" list, especially if you take into account communities and townships. Celebrities like Maya Angelou call Arkansas home (Stamps, to be exact), and while Johnny Cash was also born in the Natural State, he wasn't born in Cash, Ark. Arkansas also has Stump City and Forrest City, even Umpire, Ark. There are so many great Arkansas names, that you can't just pick 10.

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Dirty Cities and Towns

Welcome to Weiner sign
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Arkansas must be a little less conservative than our Bible Belt placement suggests.  You'll find Weiner in Poinsett County (population around 800) and Bald Knob in White County (population around 3,000).  Townships get even more crazy.  You can get spanked in Fannie (Montgomery County) or if that doesn't work out, head to Blue Ball (Scott County).  You can forget about that last town if you go to Threeway, a township in Mississippi County.  For you puritans, you can also find Romance in Arkansas.  It's located in White County. 

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Nice Town You Have There

Friendship, Ark.
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Friendship is a town located in Hot Spring County. Only 200 people are living there, but maybe they all know each other?  They're probably also friends with the folks that live in Fairplay, Arkansas, a township in Saline County.  Promised Land is located in Poinsett County.   Who knew?  You might find someone to confirm the promised land exists in the Wisemen township in Izard County.  There's also a Blue Eye, located in Carroll County. 

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Wild Cities and Towns

Possum Grape, Ar
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One of the best Arkansas names is Possum Grape, an unincorporated community in Jackson County.  Possum grapes are a common, wild berry found in Arkansas. Toad Suck, also a community in Perry County, is very well known. You can also find Monkey Run in Baxter County.  Wonder if that's a commentary on the officials there?  You can visit Locust Bayou in Calhoun County, but be sure to pack your bug spray.

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Towns With Not So Nice Adjectives

Goobertown sign

What kind of people will you find in Goobertown, a community in Craighead County?  Probably the same kind you'd find in Hicksville township in Phillips County. On the other hand, Nimrod, a community in Perry, might be a town of Barney Fifes. Greasy Corner, a community in St. Francis County, is probably very clean, despite its name. Meanwhile, Stinking Bay, a community in Arkansas County, probably smells just fine.

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Hungry Cities and Towns

Woman holding basket of strawberries
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Tomato is a farming community in Mississippi County.  Strawberry is a town in Lawrence County. We wonder if each of these towns has its own weird food festival!​

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Just Plain Weird Cities and Towns

Smackover, Arkansas
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Every list of weird names has Smackover, a city in Union County, population around 2,000According to Ernie Deane's Arkansas Place Names, the source of the name appears to have been the French term "Chemin Couvert,” meaning covered way, likely a reference to a trail leading to the creek.  Many Arkansas names come from French words or native American words (and some from a mix).  Most could not even pronounce Solgohachia, a community in Conway County.  It is Choctaw for muscadine river.

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Cities and Towns Made for Travel

Arkansas map
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Arkansas has its own Austin, Charleston, Delaware, Houston, Jersey, Newark, Omaha, Portland, Poughkeepsie, Salem, Springdale and Springfield.  You can see a lot of the major U.S. cities without even leaving home.

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Cities and Towns that are Worldly

Downtown Paris, Arkansas
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If just staying in the major US cities isn't for you, you can also travel the world in Arkansas. You can visit Egypt, Scotland, London, Paris, Jerusalem, Jericho, Manila, Palestine, Havana and Melbourne. Just don't expect them to have the same accents.

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