13 Weird Events in Finland

The world's weirdest events are found in Finland.

If you're looking for weird events, go to Finland. You won't believe what the Finns are up to when it comes to weird annual events, contests, and similar activities...and so here they are, the 13 weirdest events!

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Wife Carrying World Championships

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Each summer, this weird event in Sonkajärvi, Finland, becomes more and more popular. The wife-carrying contest has been at a world championship level for over 13 years now.

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World Cell Phone Throwing Championships

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Finland is the home of cell phone manufacturer Nokia, but it is unclear if they have anything to do with this weird event. Ever wanted to throw your phone? Join the World Cell Phone Throwing Championships taking place each August in Savonlinna, Finland.

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Air Guitar World Championship

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A weird event for music lovers: The Air Guitar World Championship in Oulu, Finland. Ever played the air guitar? It's not easy to get in as a contestant, but it's a lot of fun to watch. Part of the Oulu Music Video Festival in late summer. You can also watch a 2006 documentary about this event, called Air Guitar Nation.

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Mosquito Swatting Championships

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This is one of the weirder ones: Try swatting as many mosquitoes as you can, in 5 minutes. Can you swat 20 or 30? If not, learn from the pros at the annual Mosquito Swatting Championships in Finland.

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Ant-Nest Sitting Competition

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Let's sit on an ant nest! Well, if you're not quite up for that, just watch and enjoy the contestants suffer while they place their buttocks on an ant hill for as long as possible... (Various locations in Finland.)

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Ice Swimming Events

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Whether in the nude or clothed, ice swimming is popular in Finland (e.g. in Helsinki). There are events in many areas. So whether you're looking for a quick ice-cold shock or nude beaches in Scandinavia, Finland is the destination for you!

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World Cup in Snowshoe Football

Finland also has football (for USians: soccer)! No, not the regular kind, but the unique kind: Snowshow Football. Goooal!

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Finnish Sauna World Championships

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The Sauna World Championships test how long the competitors can tolerate a humid 110º Celsius in a Finnish sauna. A very popular annual event in Heinola, Finland, taking place each August. Perspire, and persevere!

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Kutemajarvi Sex Festival & Matchmaking Festival

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Both summer festivals are of course aimed at adult visitors but are kept very professional, educational, and tasteful. The town of Kangasniemi hosts the Sex Festival, while the Matchmaking Festival takes place in Kurikka, in western Finland. Remember, sexuality in Scandinavia is not a taboo.

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Swamp Soccer World Championships

Looking for a weird sports event? Go to the world championship of swamp football - or swamp soccer. It requires the body to be much more physical and coordinated. Hyrynsalmi in northern Finland is the location for this annual event.

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Finnish Cattle Calling Championships

Alapitka, Finland, offers a unique event in July...the "talk to your cow" event! Watch participants use first names and politeness when conversing with their bovine counterparts during the Finnish Cattle Calling Championships.

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Finnish Dialect Speaking Championships

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No further information needed for this one - however, we would recommend this for visitors that already know at least basic Finnish, since it'll be much more fun if you can understand a word or two. It's another weird annual event in early July. Location: Kuopio, Finland.

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Milking Stool Throwing Contests

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This is a weird event on the regional level. If your trip takes you through rural Finnish areas, keep an eye out for farms hosting Milking Stool Throwing Contests taking place in early summer. Throwing those can't be that hard, can it?

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