Weddings in Nashville

Nashville's Mansion and Castle Weddings

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There are many unique places to get married in and around Nashville that provide a simple elegance to fit anyone's style.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. Many hours of planning and work go into making your special day perfect. You can have a wonderful worry free wedding with just a little planning and ingenuity.

There are hundreds upon hundreds of local churches located in Nashville available for traditional wedding nuptials, but there are many other options available as well.

Have you ever considered getting married in a Mansion or a Grand Historic home? The Nashville area has several mansions and homes that are available specifically for weddings and other similar events such as:

  • Stones River Mansion
  • Riverwood Mansion
  • Ambrose House
  • Belmont Mansion
  • Belle Meade Mansion
  • Falcon Rest Victorian Mansion
  • Historic Cedarwood (photos)
  • Two Rivers Mansion
  • Spring Haven Mansion
Most of these mansions have been fully restored to their original glory. They offer a wonderful backdrop to a Southern Belle Style wedding. Many of these mansions are rented by the hour. The price range will vary dramatically from place to place. The number of amenities you wish to have made available determines the prices, within each mansion, as well.

What about a Castle?
  • Hundred Oaks Castle
  • Historic Rock Castle
Hundred Oaks Castle is only one of 13 remaining castles located in North America and it's located in Winchester, Tennessee, less than a two hour drive away from Nashville.
Hundred Oaks Castle has a unique history to it and would be an excellent choice for a real fairytale wedding.

Rock Castle is over 200 years old and even if it is more like a Mansion than a true Castle, it still will provide a beautifully elegant setting for your ceremony.

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What can be more intimate than Bed and Breakfast Wedding?

A bed and breakfast wedding can be one of the most pictur- esque and memorable weddings to have.

Many of the local Bed and Breakfast have beautifully tended gardens and well-maintained grounds that are breathtaking.

Most of all, the proprietors are incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and accommodating to their guests. Some of these proprietors are actually ordained ministers and can officiate the ceremony for you.

In some instances, you can rent all of the rooms in a Bed and Breakfast for several days at a time. This is a great way to provide for out of town guest. Also by having access for several days prior to the nuptials, it will ensure plenty of preciously needed time for last minute wedding preparations, as well as a great gathering place for the bridal party.

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Looking for a stunning outdoor setting for your wedding?

One of Nashville's many Parks may provide the ideal location for your Special Day.

Our local government park system offers permits for weddings, among other gatherings, for around $75.00.

One of these beautiful city parks is Centennial Park. It is the home of the Nashville Parthenon and has been a favorite nuptial site for many locals over the years.

The main Wedding site in the park is within the beautiful Botanical Gardens, which provide an absolutely breathtaking Garden setting.

The Floral and natural Fauna surroundings accent any elegant event and add a stunning backdrop to any Wedding Photos.

Only a Traditional Chapel Wedding offers a Spiritual setting that no other Wedding location can.

In Nashville, there are an abundance of local Chapels to choose from.

  • The Bridal Path Wedding Chapel, located right down the street from Opryland, is a beautiful chapel and is well known for its superior customer service.

  • Other local chapels include: Juliet's Wedding Chapel, Once Upon A Time, Southern Belle Wedding Chapel, Wedding Chapel Inc., Music Row Wedding Chapel, Nashville Wedding Chapel, First Spirit filled Wedding Chapel, Cobblestone Corner and the Scarritt Bennett Chapel.


With one or two phone calls most of these chapels can take care of the entire wedding right down to the officiate, it doesn't get any easier than this.

When searching for that memorable and captivating place to say "I do" look into the above choices, you'll be sure to find that picture perfect wedding day that so many seek.

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