Weather, Packing and Event Guide for April in China

Forbidden City, Beijing China
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April Overview

In April, in most of China, spring is in full swing. Fruit trees are blooming and temperatures are starting to really warm up. If you're OK with a little rain (or a lot), April can be a lovely time to visit China.

Northern China, such as Beijing, is finally going to feel really comfortable for outdoor sightseeing. Across central China, the weather is much the same as it was in March, which is warm, but damp.

In the south, the weather is becoming increasingly warmer and you'll see days reaching above 80F. There will still be a lot of rain in both central and southern China, so bring your gear.

April Weather

  • Beijing: the ave daytime temp is 67F (20C) and ave number of rainy days is 5.
  • Shanghai: the ave daytime temp is 65F (18C) and ave number of rainy days is 13.
  • Guangzhou: the ave daytime temp is 78F (26C) and ave number of rainy days is 15.
  • Guilin: the ave daytime temp is 72F (22C) and ave number of rainy days is 20.

April Packing Suggestions

I think this goes for all months in China so make it your mantra: dress in layers and pack accordingly.

  • North: warm during the day but chilly at night. You may be able to do shorts & t-shirts during the day but you'll need a warmer base layer at night.
  • Central: think humid and damp. It can be warm so short pants and sleeves are good for daytime, but you'll want a warmer and weather-proof layer for evenings and rainy days, of which there will be plenty. Keep in mind it's still pretty chilly in the first half of the month so don't come expecting a full-blown warm spring. You'll definitely need some warmer clothing.
  • South: it'll be warm during the day, even hot, and humid. Bring light clothes that will feel comfortable under rain gear. You may want a heavier layer at night, but light pants and a sweater will probably be the warmest you'll need.

What's Great About Visiting China in April

April can be a really lovely time to see China.

The heavy-hitting humidity hasn't set in and the temperatures are on the whole, pretty mild. It's warm, the flowers are blooming, love is in the air.

The nice thing about this season is that school is still in session so you're avoiding the big crowds that typically accompany school breaks. (Note there is a long holiday around the first weekend in April, see below.)

What Can Be Bad About Visiting China in April

If you melt in the rain, then you may want to avoid most of central and southern China during April. It can rain for days and days in some parts, but between every shower, there is a chance for sun. Pack your raincoat and rain-resistant shoes and you'll be fine! (Umbrellas and raincoats are available everywhere and you'll be surprised at how enterprising Chinese can be. Umbrella vendors usually sit outside malls and museums waiting for those in need to come out...)

Holidays in April

The only national holiday in April is Qing Ming. This day changes year by year because it is associated with the Chinese Lunar Calendar, but it usually falls on the first weekend of April. Workers and students have one day off, typically a Monday, and so a long three-day weekend occurs. Travel during this period can get busy and prices go up.

Read more about the Qing Ming Holiday.

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