Weather in Perth: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Perth's seasons and typical weather

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The weather in Perth is exactly what you might expect from Australia. Nestled between the Swan River and the sandy beaches of Australia's west coast, Perth is on a similar latitude to Sydney and has a comparable climate.

Throughout most of the year, the city experiences warm, sunny weather. In summer, the temperature tops out at around 90 degrees F while fall and spring are more moderate.

Perth is also the windiest city in Australia, especially in the warmer months. Winter brings cooler temperatures (with highs of around 65 degrees F and lows of around 45 degrees F) and the occasional downpour, making it the least ideal season to visit.

With a packed calendar of events and attractions, whatever the weather, Perth is a great destination all year round. Read on for everything you need to know when planning your trip to Australia.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Month: February (77 degrees F / 25 degrees C) 
  • Coldest Month: July (55 degrees F / 13 degree C) 
  • Wettest Month: July (3.67 inches)
  • Windiest Month: January (12 mph)
  • Best Month for Swimming: February (73 degrees F / 23 degrees C)
Perth city skyline


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Summer in Perth

Summer in Perth means long days and idyllic beach weather. Unlike Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne, this west coast city enjoys gorgeous sunsets over the water, and the colors are especially vibrant in summer.

From December to February, Australian travelers flock to the coast, making summer Perth's peak tourist season. (The Perth Festival and Fringe World, the city's biggest arts events, attract thousands of patrons.) Despite the hot sun, a coastal breeze often helps keep the city cool.

What to Pack: Bring a hat and a light, long-sleeved shirt to protect yourself from the fierce Aussie sun. And don't forget your swimsuit!

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • December: 85 F (29 C) / 59 F (15 C)
  • January: 90 F (32 C) / 63 F (17 C)
  • February: 90 F (32 C ) / 64 F (18 C)

Fall in Perth

March, April, and May are generally warm and sunny in Perth, with low crowd levels throughout most of the season. (A small increase in visitors can be expected over the Easter break.) Plus, the ocean is still warm in early fall, so you might even be able to sneak in a swim.

Due to its moderate climate, Perth isn't known for fall foliage. Instead, the city is a popular whale-watching destination during these months, thanks to the blue whales that make their way to feeding grounds just off the coast.

What to Pack: Make sure you bring a medium-weight jacket and a comfortable pair of pants, especially if you plan on taking a whale-watching cruise.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • March: 86 F (30 C) / 61 F (16 C)
  • April: 79 F (26 C) / 56 F (13 C)
  • May: 72 F (22 C ) / 51 F (11 C)

Winter in Perth

From June to August, Perth experiences its coldest and wettest season, but that doesn't mean that the sun disappears altogether. The rain tends to arrive in occasional downpours and thunderstorms, leaving plenty of time to get out and see the city. Winter here is relatively mild, with temperatures rarely dropping below 45 degrees F.

What to Pack: You'll definitely need an umbrella and a waterproof jacket, plus a coat or sweater for the cooler days.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • June: 67 F (19 C) / 48 F (9 C)
  • July: 65 F (18 C) / 46 F (8 C)
  • August: 66 F (19 C ) / 46 F (8 C)

Spring in Perth

The days warm up quickly in spring, bringing wildflower blooms and humpback whales to Perth. The nights can remain a little chilly, but the sunshine and lack of rain more than makes up for that.

September, October, and November are the best months to visit Perth, especially if you're interested in getting to know Australia's flora and fauna. The wildflowers are a big drawcard for visitors, but the crowds are generally manageable.

What to Pack: Temperatures vary widely in spring, so layers are essential.

Average Temperatures by Month:

  • September: 66 F (19 C) / 48 F (9 C)
  • October: 73 F (23 C) / 50 F (10 C)
  • November: 80 F (27 C ) / 56 F (13 C)

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

Perth's weather is welcoming almost all year round, with warm summers, cool winters, and lots of sunshine. Here's what to expect in terms of average temperature, inches of rain, and daylight hours throughout the year.

  • January: 76 degrees F; 0.02 inches; 14 hours
  • February: 77 degrees F; 0.07 inches; 13 hours
  • March: 73 degrees F; 0.07 inches; 12 hours
  • April: 67 degrees F; 0.33 inches; 11 hours
  • May: 61 degrees F; 1.75 inches; 11 hours
  • June: 57 degrees F; 3.08 inches; 10 hours
  • July: 55 degrees F; 3.67 inch; 10 hours
  • August: 56 degrees F; 2.68 inches; 11 hours
  • September: 58 degrees F; 1.73 inches; 12 hours
  • October: 62 degrees F; 0.59 inches; 13 hours
  • November: 68 degrees F; 0.31 inches; 14 hours
  • December: 72 degrees F; 0.06 inches; 14 hours
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