Weather in France - Climate and Temperatures of French Cities

Nice, France

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Knowing in advance what the weather is like in France is important knowledge when planning your next France vacation. 

This is the place to find out whether Paris really is so rainy, or if Nice is so sunny, or just how much snow to expect in the Alps in January. Find out which months are rainiest in various cities, and what the average temperatures are throughout France. Here are details about weather and climate in France.

Although France is just the size of Texas, it is the largest country in western Europe and consequently its weather varies hugely from region to region and from city to city. Paris is quite far north, so can have downright chilly days, even in July. The Mediterranean beaches are close to the Alps and Pyrenees, and the climates on the coast versus mountains is quite different. Nice can be balmy in the middle of winter and its geographical location means that you can swim in the morning, then jump into your car and head up to the small Alpine resorts for a few hours skiing before getting back to the warmer city.

With this guide, you can discover which city gets the most precipitation, the most snowfall or enjoys the warmest average temperatures.

This will also give you an idea of what to pack for your vacation. 

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Average Temperatures in France (Fahrenheit)

Average Temperatures in France (Fahrenheit)
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The average temperatures in France can vary widely from city to city, with Northern French cities and mountain areas much colder than the Southern France cities along the Mediterranean from Arles to Marseille, from Avignon to Antibes. Here are the average temperatures throughout France, showing which cities are warmest or coldest.

Also keep in mind these are 24-hour averages, so these are not the typical daytime temperatures. These are a mean average taking into account both the night time lows and the day time highs.

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Average Temperatures in France (Celsius)

Average temperatures in France (celsius)
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The temperatures in France aren't all created equal. Some places have a mild climate, and others can be extremely cold at times. Did you know that Nice and Perpignan are among the warmest cities, while Strasbourg and Rouen are among the coldest? Paris also has a reputation for some really cold snaps of weather, so go prepared.

Being one of the colder cities isn't all bad, however. If you will be visiting in the peak of summer, it could be a nice relief to visit a city with a cooler temperature.

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Snowfall in France

Average snowfall in France
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Snowfall in France is important information to know. If you plan to ski in one of France's great skiing regions, you want to know that it gets decent snowfall. If you want to visit for the Christmas markets throughout France, however, it's interesting know that there is less snowfall than you might expect. Here is the average snowfall for cities in France.

More Information on France in Winter

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Average Precipitation and Rainfall in France

Average precipitation in France
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Average precipitation and rainfall in France can reveal some surprising facts. While there are images of Paris being incredibly rainy, it actually has one of the lowest precipitation totals of France's major cities. Nice, known for its sunny climate, actually has among the highest precipitation totals but only in certain months of the year. Check out the major cities.

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France Monthly Information

Burgundy France
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Here's the quick way to read about what to expect when you're planning your French trip. Click on each month for an idea of the weather, what to pack, and what major events are on offer. Discover the annual sales in January and July; the major carnivals in winter and spring; the top summer jazz festivals; the great art festivals and notable events like the Roman games in the grand arena in Nîmes and more.

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