When to Visit: What's the Weather in Brooklyn?

Planning a Trip to Brooklyn in All Seasons

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When to Visit: What's the Weather in Brooklyn? Temperature, Rain & Snow by Month

Whether you're planning a holiday or deciding whether to have an outdoor wedding in May, the weather can make a difference. Find out what the average temperature and precipitation levels are in Brooklyn, month by month.

Average temperatures and precipitation for Brooklyn, New York

Here are the average temperatures by month for Brooklyn, along with precipitation.

About snow: In recent winters, there's either been a great deal of snow, or very little, so the average snowfall information below (based on over a century's worth of data on how much snow fell in Central Park) may be changing as global warming impacts the weather pattern. You can see the average snowfall data here for each year. 

  • January - 39ºF high/27ºF low; 3.5 inches of precipitation, with an average of 7.5 inches of snow in Central Park
  • February - 42ºF high/29ºF low; 2.92 inches of precipitation, with an average of 8.5 inches of snow in Central Park
  • March - 50ºF high/35ºF low; 4.15 inches of precipitation, with an average of 5.1 inches of snow in Central Park 
  • April - 61ºF high/45ºF low; 4.14 inches of precipitation, with an average of .9 inches of snow in Central Park
  • May - 70ºF high/54ºF low; 4.5 inches of precipitation
  • June - 80ºF high/64ºF low; 4.18 inches of precipitation
  • July - 85ºF high/70ºF low; 4.85 inches of precipitation
  • August - 83ºF high/69ºF low; 4.18 inches of precipitation
  • September - 76ºF high/62ºF low; 3.71 inches of precipitation
  • October - 65ºF high/51ºF low; 3.81 inches of precipitation
  • November - 54ºF high/42ºF low; 3.56 inches of precipitation<, with an average of .9 inches of snow in Central Park
  • December - 44ºF high/32ºF low; 3.68 inches of precipitation, with an average of 5.5 inches of snow in Central Park.

    (Source for temperature and precipitation data: Weather.com's NYC monthly average weather data, accessed August 2017. These are the averages for 206.  Source for snow averages is the federal National Climatic Data Center.)

    Is Brooklyn's Weather Pattern the Same as New York City's?

    Brooklyn's general weather pattern generally follows that of New York City (of which Brooklyn is, of course, a part.)

    However, temperatures will be lower during the summer at Brooklyn's Atlantic Ocean beaches, such as Manhattan Beach and Coney Island beach, and temperatures are lower during summer heat waves in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and other parks than on highways and in midtown Manhattan.

    Historic High and Low Temperatures

    New York City's highest recorded temperature was 106°F in July of 1936.

    The lowest recorded temperature was -15°F in February of 1934.

    What's the Relationship between Snow and Rain?

    Precipitation includes both rain and snow. About "thirteen inches of snow equals one inch of rain in the US, although this ratio can vary from two inches for sleet to nearly fifty inches for very dry, powdery snow under certain conditions," according to the National Severe Storms Laboratory of the federal NOAA, the weather agency.

    Edited by Alison Lowenstein