Weather in the Netherlands: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Amsterdam skyline with traditional Dutch houses during sunset, Holland, Netherlands
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Thanks to its long North Sea coast line, the Netherlands has a moderate maritime climate, meaning you can visit at any time of year without too much trouble. It’s rare that you’ll get an extremely hot day in summer or plummeting temperatures in winter. There is, however, always enough moisture in the air for a rain shower to occur any time, any place. While it doesn’t rain all the time (about 28 inches/700 mm per year), showers are very unpredictable, so if you’re traveling to the Netherlands (whatever the time if year) it’s well worth packing an anorak and umbrella. In fact, with its combination of showers, wind, and higher than average humidity all year-round, it’s definitely not a hair-friendly country (get ready to embrace the frizz). 

While the southern provinces are slightly warmer, the average summer temperature in the country ranges from 64 degrees to 72 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees to 22 degrees Celsius). The winter months are not as cold as you would expect from a northern European country, the mercury only dips down to 34 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius). Since the weather is fairly moderate, the Netherlands can be visited all year round. 

Fast Climate Facts:

  • Hottest Month: August ( 72 degrees F / 22 degrees C)
  • Coldest Month: January (34 degrees F / 1 degree C)
  • Wettest Month: October (2.29 inches / 58 mm)
  • Windiest Month: January (13 mph / 21 kph)

Urgent Seasonal Information

Most rainfall occurs during September, October, and November, so if you want an outdoorsy vacation avoid visiting during those months. 

During December the average number of daily sunshine hours is a dismal one hour. What the country lacks in daylight, however, it makes up for in festivity in the countdown to Christmas. 

Spring in the Netherlands

Spring is a good time to visit the Netherlands, the famous tulip season is in its prime mid-April, and it starts to warm up around this time with the average temperature being 54 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees C).

What to pack: Bring warm layers and have an umbrella or anorak at hand.

Average Temperatures by Month

March: 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) / 37 degrees F (3 degrees C)

April: 57 degrees F (14 degrees C) / 41 degrees F (5 degrees C)

May: 64 degrees F (18 degrees C) / 47 degrees F (8 degrees C)

Summer in the Netherlands

During the summer, the Dutch take to the waters. Boating is a way of life in the Netherlands and people will be spending plenty of time on the canals and rivers. 

What to pack: While it doesn’t get very hot in the Netherlands, there can be the occasional swelteringly hot day. Pack a couple of summer outfits, but as with other months be sure to pack layers and an umbrella (just in case).

Average Temperatures by Month

June: 68 degrees F (20 degrees C) / 52 degrees F (11 degrees C)

July: 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) / 56 degrees F (13 degrees C)

August: 72 degrees F (22 degrees C) / 55 degrees F (13 degrees C)

Fall in the Netherlands

The fall months have the highest chance of precipitation. Because of the high likelihood of rain, this is not an ideal time for outdoor activities. Download the Buienalarm app (free), which uses radar to tell you in real time when rain is expected in your exact position within the next two hours, how long it will last and how heavy the showers will be.

What to pack: Be sure to pack warm clothes and boots. Waterproof layers are a must! 

Average Temperatures by Month

September: 66 degrees F (19 degrees C) / 51 degrees F (11 degrees C)

October: 59 degrees F (15 degrees C) / 46 degrees F (8 degrees C)

November: 50 degrees F (10 degrees C) / 40 degrees F (4 degrees C)

Winter in the Netherlands

The festive season runs throughout November and December and is a wonderful time to visit the country. Sinterklaas (the Dutch Santa) arrives by boat mid-November, with gifts exchanged on Dec. 5. Christmas is then celebrated over two days, Dec. 25 to 26, which are spent with family. 

What to pack: Whilst it doesn’t often get seriously cold, the winds can often make it feel colder. Be sure to pack gloves, a hat, thermal underwear, and waterproof layers. 

Average Temperatures by Month

December: 45 degrees F ( 7 degrees C) / 35 degrees F (2 degrees C)

January: 43 degrees F ( 6 degrees C) / 34 degrees F (1 degrees C)

February: 44 degrees F ( 7 degrees C) / 34 degrees F ( 1 degrees C)

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
Month Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 39 F 2.8 in 7.5 hours
February 39 F 2.5 in 9 hours
March 44 F 2.2 in 11 hours
April 49 F 1.7 in 13 hours
May 55 F 2.3 in 15 hours
June 60 F 2.7 in 16 hours
July 64 F 3.4 in 16.5 hours
August 64 F 3.5 in 15 hours
September 59 F 3 in 13 hours
October 52 F 3.1 in 11 hours
November 45 F 3.3 in 9 hours
December 40 F 3.3 in 8 hours
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