Weather in Strasbourg: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Old fortified towers around the edges of Strasbourg, France

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The northeastern French city of Strasbourg is famous for its medieval Cathedral, half-timbered riverside houses, and cheerful Christmas markets. While many travelers associate the city with wintery conditions and the end-of-year holiday season, the weather conditions vary considerably throughout the year.

Strasbourg has a relatively mild, continental climate with oceanic influences despite its inland location. Warm to hot temperatures reign during the spring and summer, while winters are cool to moderately cold and often characterized by abundant cloud cover. Rainfall is fairly consistent throughout the year, but peaks in the mid-winter and mid-summer. The city does not typically get much snowfall, but when temperatures dip below freezing snow is a possibility. In recent years, heat waves have become more common during the summer months.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Warmest Month: July (68 F / 20 C)
  • Coldest Month: January (36 F / 2 C)
  • Wettest Months: December (3.7 inches), May (3.5 inches), and July (3.5 inches)

Spring in Strasbourg

Spring in Strasbourg is generally cool to warm, with temperatures rising significantly in late May and early June. This is one of the rainiest months of the year, with the heaviest precipitation coming in May. Windy, blustery, and unstable climatic conditions are common during the spring months. This is an ideal time for visiting Strasbourg's many interesting museums, monuments, and galleries; admiring the blossoms at the Parc de l'Orangerie and other city parks; and taking long walks around the city. It's also a good time for day trips around the wider Alsace region, including wine and winery tours.

What to Pack: In early spring, make sure to pack a warm sweater or two, a wind and waterproof jacket and shows, and a sturdy umbrella. In late May and early June, temperatures start to get a lot warmer, on average, so bring along T-shirts, shorts, and other clothing suitable for early summer weather. It's still recommended that you bring a few warmer and waterproof items, in the case of chilly evenings or cool showers.

Summer in Strasbourg

The Strasbourg summer is typically mild and pleasant but recent heatwaves have seen temperatures and humidity levels rise significantly on certain days, producing hot and muggy conditions. June is generally milder while July and August are ideal for al-fresco dining and other outdoor activities. However, summer storms are not uncommon in mid-to-late summer. With long days and sunny spells, this is a great season for outdoor activities such as sightseeing cruises, dining outdoors, picnics, wine-tasting tours, and festivals.

What to Pack: Alongside warm-weather clothing including tees, shorts, dresses, skirts, and breathable shoes, be prepared for those inevitable summer storms and sometimes chilly evenings. Pack a good waterproof jacket and shoes, a few long-sleeved shirts, pants, and a strong umbrella. If you plan to walk around the city for more than an hour or two in a day, make sure you have comfortable walking shoes, and consider bringing a thermos so you can hydrate in case of a heatwave. Sunglasses are also essential, as your eyes need protection from strong UV rays even on overcast days.

Fall in Strasbourg

Fall in Strasbourg starts out mild and relatively warm, but by mid-October, the mercury drops, days shorten, and cooler weather conditions set in. Generally temperate and pleasant, bright, sunny days are not uncommon in late September and early October. By November you can expect cold rains and even light snow. The city tends to be less crowded in the fall meaning hotels and airfare are cheaper. This time of year is ideal for activities such as exploring Strasbourg's traditional winstubs (wine taverns), embarking on vineyard tours, and visiting museums and other cultural attractions.

What to Pack: By the time October rolls around, chilly weather starts to set in, especially after the sun sets. Bring plenty of warm sweaters, a scarf, a good waterproof jacket, comfortable waterproof shoes, and even gloves and a hat (if visiting in late in the season). Consider bringing a thermos and filling it with a hot beverage so you can stay warm when sightseeing outdoors.

Winter in Strasbourg

Winter is typically cold, but temperatures only tend to hover at or descend below freezing in January and February. Rain and chilly gales are more common than snow, and when snow does come, it tends not to stick for long. Tourists flood the city from late November through December, to see the famous Christmas markets and festive displays. Grab a cup of steaming mulled wine or hot apple cider to stroll through the stalls, and take advantage of wintery activities like tasting hearty Alsatian cuisine in cozy restaurants, or visiting museums.

What to Pack: Conditions can be bracing, especially when you factor in wind chill and drops in the mercury after sunset. Make sure to fill your suitcase with plenty of cold-weather clothes, alongside a few lighter items for layering in case heating is too strong in museums or restaurants. A scarf, gloves, and even a hat are essential, as is a warm, preferably waterproof winter coat, warm shoes, and a robust umbrella.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

   Avg. Temp  Rainfall  Daylight Hours
 January  36 F / 2 C  3.1 inches  4 hours
 February  37 F / 3 C  2.7 inches  5 hours
 March  43 F / 6 C  2.9 inches  7 hours
 April  51 F / 11 C  2.6 inches  9 hours
 May  57 F / 15 C  3.5 inches  10 hours
 June  65 F / 18 C  3.3 inches  11 hours
 July  69 F/ 20 C  3.5 inches  12 hours
 August  68 F / 20 C  3.1 inches  10 hours
 September  61 F / 20 C  3.0 inches  8 hours
 October  53 F / 12 C  3.2 inches  6 hours
 November  44 F / 6 C  3.3 inches  4 hours
 December  38 F / 3 C  3.7 inches  4 hours


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