Weather in Savannah: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

Downtown Savannah, GA

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Located on the state's coast, Savannah, Georgia has a subtropical climate, with an average of 216 sunny days and nearly 50 inches of rain over 100 days annually. Summer days are hot and humid, and can see high temperatures around 90 degrees F. Winters are short and mild, with both snowfall and freezing temperatures a rarity. Because the weather in the fall and spring is so great, tourists often come to the city during these seasons. Summers, however, provide a great opportunity to enjoy area beaches and recreational activities, while winter offers a break from crowds and relatively mild weather compared to the rest of the country. Overall, Savannah is a beautiful city with perfect weather most of the year. Here's all you need to know as you plan for your next visit.

Fast Climate Facts 

  • Hottest Month: July (92 F)
  • Coldest Month: January (61 F)
  • Wettest Month: August (7 inches of rain)

Hurricane Season in Savannah

Be aware that due to its coastal location, Savannah can be affected by hurricanes. Hurricane season is between June 1 and November 30.

Spring in Savannah

With high temperatures well into the 70s and 80s (and with the humidity less oppressive than in the summer), spring is an ideal time to visit Savannah. Flowers are in full bloom in the city's parks and squares, and it's also prime festival season, with events like the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Savannah Tour of Homes & Gardens, and Savannah College of Art and Design’s Sidewalk Art Festival. Note that hotel rates are more expensive from spring through early summer, and that water temperatures are generally too cold for swimming until the end of May or beginning of June.

What to pack: While spring days are often warm, nights can be chilly, especially in early spring and in locations near the water. Pack light clothing that can be layered, and while spring is generally dry, you may want an umbrella in case of occasional showers.

Average Temperatures by Month

March: High: 70 degrees F; Low: 50 degrees F

April: High: 77 degrees F; Low: 57 degrees F

May: High: 84 degrees F; Low: 65 degrees F

Summer in Savannah

With temperatures averaging 90 degrees F or higher, summers in Savannah are hot and humid. But summers are also a great time to explore the area's many beaches—like Tybee Island and St. Simon's Island—and enjoy recreational activities like boating, swimming, and golf. Because hurricane season starts in June, your travel may be affected by tropical storms and other inclement weather, so be aware when planning your trip.

What to pack: Because these are the city's hottest months, shorts, sundresses, and light fabrics are a must. Indoor buildings can be chilly due to air conditioning, so you might want to pack a light sweater or jacket. Note that August is the rainiest month of the year, so an umbrella might come in handy.

Average Temperatures by Month

June: High: 90 degrees F; Low: 72 degrees F

July: High: 92 degrees F; Low: 74 degrees F

August: High: 90 degrees F; Low: 74 degrees F

Fall in Savannah

Fall is another popular time to visit Savannah, as the city enjoys mild temperatures. Humidity can still be a bit high, especially in early fall. While this is the least rainy time of year, hurricane season doesn't end until November 30.

What to Pack: Early fall can be quite warm, so pack as you would for summer in other locations. In October and November, light layers for warm days and cooler nights are recommended.

Average Temperatures by Month

September: High: 86 degrees F; Low: 70 degrees F

October: High: 79 degrees F; Low: 60 degrees F

November: High: 70 degrees F; Low: 49 degrees F

Winter in Savannah

Winters in Savannah are mild, with high temperatures around 60 degrees F and low temperatures around 40 degrees F. The moderate temperatures, off-season rates, and smaller crowds make this an ideal time to visit, especially for those coming from colder climates.

What to pack: As with other seasons, layers for temperature variations work best in winter. Also pack a light coat or heavier jacket for chilly to cold evenings.

Average Temperatures by Month

December: High: 64 degrees F; Low: 45 degrees F

January: High: 61 degrees F; Low: 41 degrees F

February: High: 64 degrees F; Low: 45 degrees F

Savannah's weather is moderate year-round, with ample sunshine, mild winters, and agreeable springs and falls that make up for hot and humid summers. Here's what to expect in terms of average temperature, inches of rain, and daylight hours throughout the year.

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours
Month Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 60 F 3.7 inches 10 hours
February 64 F 2.8 inches 11 hours
March 71 F 3.7 inches 12 hours
April 78 F 2.9 inches 13 hours
May 85 F 3.0 inches 14 hours
June 90 F 6.0 inches 14 hours
July 92 F 5.6 inches 14 hours
August 91 F 6.6 inches 13 hours
September 86 F 4.6 inches 12 hours
October 78 F 3.7 inches 11 hours
November 72 F 2.4 inches 10 hours
December 62 F 3.0 inches 10 hours
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