Weather in Osaka: Climate, Seasons, and Average Monthly Temperature

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Considered Japan’s second city, there’s so much to get up to in the sprawling city of Osaka. However, getting your timing right is important if you want a comfortable holiday where you can spend as much time outdoors as possible. Generally, the best time to visit Japan applies to Osaka too but, since the city is quite a lot further south, it is far more humid than Tokyo and it can experience some intense rain if you go at the wrong time of year. Luckily, because the weather is temperate, there are far more warm days to enjoy than in cities further north.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Month: August (91 F/ 32 C)  
  • Coldest Month: January (35 F / 2 C)
  • Wettest Month: June (9.0 inches)

Summer in Osaka

Summer in Osaka lasts from June to August (standard Northern Hemisphere summer) and it is definitely one of the more intense times to visit with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees F, and cloudy days can make that high heat feel extra oppressive and humid. However, there are less crowds than in spring and fall making this cheapest season outside of winter. Due to the high temperatures and monsoon rain showers, which start mid-June and end late-July, make sure that you pack the right clothes and keep hydrated. Osaka, like the rest of Japan, loves throwing summer festivals so there’s plenty of fun to get involved with despite the intensely warm weather.

What to pack: Make sure you pack an umbrella or a lightweight and waterproof rain jacket that you can fold away for those sudden showers. Also, pack lightweight clothing and plenty of shorts, skirts, and T-shirts for keeping you cool during the day. A hand or pocket fan will also come in useful to help with the humidity and for when traveling on the subway, where it can get particularly hot and stuffy. A reusable water bottle and a hat will also come in handy.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • June: 81 F / 68 F (27 C / 20 C)
  • July: 88 F / 75 F (31 C / 24 C)
  • August: 90 F / 80 F (32 C / 27 C)

Fall in Osaka

Fall is one of the best times to visit Osaka, with those long days and clear blue skies to enjoy. The weather is consistently pleasant in temperature but it can still be quite rainy in September (with chances of typhoons) and gets cooler in November. Enjoy the fall colors; there’s no better time to walk around the city and take in the views. One of the best places to see the foliage in the city is just half an hour outside of the center by train; Minoh Falls mountain park offers beautiful walks, waterfalls, and forest to wander through. And if you fancy a great day trip from Osaka, Nara and Kyoto are both stunning during the foliage season.

What to pack: The fall starts off warm so you’ll find your summer clothes are still perfect, but pack some lightweight jumpers and bring a jacket or coverup for cooler evenings. During late fall, make sure to also pack an umbrella, just in case you get caught in a heavy shower.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • September: 84 F / 70 F (29 C / 21 C)
  • October: 73 F / 58 F (23 C / 14 C)
  • November: 63 F / 48 F (17 C / 9 C)

Winter in Osaka

While you might not consider traveling to Japan during the winter, outside of skiing holidays, Osaka has a surprising amount to offer with its milder climate and indoor-friendly activities like Spa World and Osaka Aquarium. Osaka rarely sees snow, unlike the north of Japan, and temperatures rarely drop below freezing so it’s ideal for those adverse to the cold weather. You’ll still find winter events like Christmas markets, the Osaka Illumination Festival, and New Year festivities to enjoy which are rarely spoiled by adverse weather since Osaka’s winters are generally dry, cool, and calm.

What to pack: Make sure to bring a warm jacket, scarf, gloves, and hat to wrap up warm and some layers for underneath and you’ll be fine in Osaka in winter.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • December: 53 F / 39 F (12 C / 4 C)
  • January: 48 F / 35 F (9 C / 2 C)
  • February: 49 F / 36 F (9 C / 2 C)

Spring in Osaka

Spring is one of the most popular seasons in Osaka with perfect weather. The cool temperatures of winter fade into warm and sunny days with perfect blue skies and a nice constant breeze. One of the highlights of traveling to Osaka in spring is the cherry blossom season, where you can join in the Sakura Hanami Festivals. The cherry blossom season will usually last one to two weeks and can fall anywhere from mid-March to mid-May (though Osaka usually gets the blossoms earlier than Tokyo, because they bloom first in the south and travel north). Major cherry blossom viewing spots in Osaka include Osaka Castle, Okawa River, and Tsurumi Ryokuchi Park.

What to pack: The temperature can still be quite cool in spring despite things warming up so jeans and light layers like thin sweaters, long sleeve tops, a scarf, and a jacket should keep you just right through the changes.

Average Temperatures by Month

  • March: 56 F / 41 F (13 C / 5 C)
  • April: 66 F/ 50 F (19 C / 10 C)
  • May: 75 F/ 59 F (24 C / 15 C)

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours

  Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 42 F /˛5 C 1.8 in 10 hours
February 42 F / 5 C 2.4 in 10 hours
March 48 F / 9 C 4.1 in 12 hours
April 58 F / 14 C 4.3 in 13 hours
May 67 F / 19 C 5.7 in 14 hours
June 75 F / 24 C 7.3 in 14 hours
July 82 F / 28 C 6.1 in 14 hours
August 83 F / 28 C 3.5 in 13 hours
September 77 F / 25 C 6.3 in 12 hours
October 65 F / 18 C 4.4 in 11 hours
November 55 F / 13 C 2.7 in 10 hours
December 46 F / 8 C 1.7 in 10 hours
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