Weather in Oklahoma City: Climate, Seasons and Average Monthly Temperature

Oklahoma City downtown skyline
Marcus Elwell / Getty Images

The Oklahoma City climate boasts hot, muggy summers juxtaposed with mild winters. Add in pleasantly comfortable falls and moderate springs and you’ve got four seasons to enjoy.

Summers in OKC can feel oppressive thanks to daytime temperatures stalling out in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit (27 C to 32 C) paired with steamy high humidity levels. On the upside, it’s sunny more often than not, and winds do come sweeping down the plains to keep the air moving. 

While spring and fall may present the most appealing timetables to visit from a weather perspective, visitors shouldn’t shy away from the idea of a winter trip when cooler temps, drier conditions, and nearly negligible snowfall encourage guests to enjoy seasonal outdoor events and holiday festivities.

Fast Climate Facts

  • Hottest Month: July (83 F / 28 C)
  • Coldest Month: January (39 F/ 4 Celsius)
  • Wettest Month: June (2.68 inches of precipitation)
  • Windiest Month: April (12 mph on average)
  • Best Month for Swimming: July (83 F / 28 C)

Tornadoes in Oklahoma City

Since the entire central Oklahoma region can be prone to quickly developing (and potentially severe) thunderstorms and damaging tornadoes from late spring through the summer months, Oklahoma City visitors should remain alert when it comes to weather awareness. Give any issued National Weather Service announcements your full attention and comply with instructions accordingly. 

A “tornado watch” means that weather conditions are conducive to the development of tornadoes while a “tornado warning” indicates that a funnel cloud has actually been sighted or is imminent. If a tornado warning is issued, everyone in the area should take shelter in a safe space until the threat has passed. Always heed all issued watches and warnings immediately and be prepared for possible power outages. Basements, underground shelters, and windowless rooms in the middle sections of buildings are the safest places to hunker down when severe weather strikes.

Summer in Oklahoma City 

Summer in OKC is hot, no doubt about it, but it's still an appealing time for family vacations. Beat the heat with outdoor recreation like paddling the Oklahoma River where it flows through the Boathouse District. Or cool down at the Hurricane Harbor water park, Frontier City’s Wild West Water Works, and the kids’ “sprayground” at Scissortail Park.

Annual events, concerts, farmers' markets, and festivals provide further incentive to go outside and play in Oklahoma City. Popular summer shindigs include 4th of July fireworks displays, the OKC Pride festival, and the deadCENTER Film Festival. 

What to pack: Keep comfortable in the heat by dressing in light layers—shorts, short-sleeved tops, flowy sundresses, and maybe a lightweight jacket for evening outings and indoor air-conditioning. A swimsuit is a must, as are sunscreen and sunglasses. 

Average High and Low Temperatures by Month 

  • June: 88 F / 67 F (31 C / 19 C)
  • July: 94 F / 71 F (34 C / 22 C)
  • August: 93 F / 71 F (34 C / 22 C)

Fall in Oklahoma City 

It’s easy to fall in love with Oklahoma City in the autumn. Temperatures drop from summer sweltering into a much more tolerable 60 to 80-degree F (16 to 27 C) range, paving the way for football games, hayrides, and Halloween fun. Pumpkin patches and corn mazes take over the Myriad Botanical Gardens, parks, and outdoor green spaces for family outings. 

Fall festivals and events of note include the Oklahoma State Fair, the Red Earth American Indian Festival, and Frontier City’s annual Hallowfest.

What to pack: The days transition from lingering summer heat in September to full-on autumnal in November. Pay attention to the forecast to find out whether you’ll need to bring a warm-weather wardrobe or if you’ll require jeans, hoodies, and boots.  

Average High and Low Temperatures by Month

  • September: 85 F / 63 F (29 C / 17 C)
  • October: 74 F / 51 F (23 C / 11 C)
  • November: 62 F / 39 F (17 C / 4 C) 

Winter in Oklahoma City 

Oklahoma City manages to avoid the heavy snows and icy conditions that affect destinations further to the north, making winters here fairly easy to navigate. However, temps can and do dip below the freezing mark, especially at night. 

Holiday events and activities pop up across downtown; fuel up with a latte or hot chocolate at any of OKC’s artisanal coffee shops. If the weather outside is frightful, explore indoor attractions like the Oklahoma City Museum of Art, Science Museum Oklahoma, or the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. 

What to pack: Oklahoma City rarely enters a deep freeze, but you don't want to find yourself left out in the cold. Fill the suitcase with long pants and skirts, sweaters, boots, and scarves, and don’t forget to bring a winter coat if you plan to spend time outside. 

Average High and Low Temperatures by Month

  • December: 51 F / 30 F (11 C / -1 C)
  • January: 50 F / 28 F (10 C / -2 C)
  • February: 54 F / 32 F (12 C / 0 C)

Spring in Oklahoma City 

Gentle breezes blow and flowers bloom as the Modern Frontier comes back to life in the spring. The city’s annual Festival of the Arts is a seasonal rite of passage, luring locals and visitors downtown to celebrate creativity and artistic expression. 

For a spring break getaway, OKC offers a range of family-friendly attractions, activities, outdoor recreation, and unique districts to fill a few days or an entire week with exploration and discovery. 

What to pack: Temperatures start to creep back up, calling for transitional wardrobes of layered shirts, long pants, shorts, dresses, and light jackets. Prepare for April showers by packing an umbrella and a rain slicker.  

Average High and Low Temperatures by Month

  • March: 64 F / 40 F (18 C / 4 C)
  • April: 72 F / 49 F (22 C / 9 C)
  • May: 80 F / 59 F (27 C / 15 C)

Average Monthly Temperature, Rainfall, and Daylight Hours  

  Avg. Temp. Rainfall Daylight Hours
January 39 F / 4 C 0.25 inches 10 hours
February 43 F / 6 C 0.51 inches 11 hours
March 52 F / 11 C 0.94 inches 12 hours
April 61 F / 16 C 1.17 inches 13 hours
May 69 F / 21 C 2.24 inches 14 hours
June 78 F / 26 C 2.68 inches 14 hours
July 83 F / 28 C 1.25 inches 14 hours
August 82 F / 28 C 1.13 inches 13 hours
September 74 F / 23 C 1.58 inches 12 hours
October 62 F / 17 C 1.48 inches 11 hours
November 50 F / 10 C 0.60 inches 10 hours
December 41 F / 5 C 0.66 inches 9.5 hours