The Wealthiest People in Florida

Forbes magazine ranks the 400 wealthiest people


  • The youngest is 47.
  • The oldest is 89.
  • Only 2 are not currently married.
  • The majority in their 60's.
  • The top 10 average age is 69.
  • Mark McCormack from Windermere is the only Central Florida resident.
  • More live in Palm Beach than any other area (8 of the 22) . 
  • While the majority of the 22 graduated from college, only 1 of the top 4 has a college degree.
  • Only one woman is in the Florida list and her money was from an inheritance.

#46, Micky Arison, comes in as the wealthiest Floridian at number 46. Though the business of Carnival Cruise Lines was inherited from his father, it was Micky that turned it into the world's largest cruise operator. At the young age of 53, Micky is very actively seeking to expand his company. Perhaps in the future we will see him even higher up on the Forbes Wealthiest People list. Even though he was a University of Miami drop out, his current net worth is a whopping $3.5 billion. Micky Arison lives in Bal Harbour with his wife and 2 children. Barely squeezing into the the prestigious top 100, three Florida men are tied on the Forbe's list with an impressive $1.8 billion each: 

#100, Daniel Abraham, the 78 year-old fattened his wallet by helping others slim down. With only a high school diploma, this self made billionaire captured his initial fortune with the purchase of Thompson Medical in 1947 at the time the company had annual sales of $5000. Abraham sold the company 51 years later and claimed a $200 million profit.  As the creator of Slim-Fast, one of the most successful weight loss programs ever, Abraham further fattened his own wallet. Now living a comfortable life in Palm Beach with his wife, Abraham who has 5 children is a generous and thoughtful philanthropist, donating to to a variety of causes, including Middle Eastern peace. 

#100, Robert Edward Rich Sr, the frozen food giant Rich's, started as a milk company owner who, in the 1940's developed a soybean-based whipping cream in the 1940's. At 89, Rich is the senior member on our list. He has a Bachelor of Arts/Science from SUNY Buffalo, is married and and now lives in Palm Beach.

#100, Wayne Huizenga, moved to Florida as a teen where after serving in the army he worked mornings for a friend who owned a garbage service. Using his free time in the afternoons, he soon made enough contacts to start his own waste management company, Shortly afterward, he purchased his own company and acquired 100 more within 9 months. Always the businessman, Huizenga bought the 19 store Blockbuster chain, expanding and selling it 10 years later. Now running AutoNation and owner of pro football's Miami Dolphins, he lives in Fort Lauderdale.

So there you have the top 4 richest Floridians, now let's move onto the rest. They may not have made it into the top 100, but their wealth and business sense is none the less quite impressive. 

#139, James Martin Moran, is an 84 year old, self-made millionaire worth $1.4 billion. He is the largest privately held foreign auto distributor and dealer with Southeast Toyota.

#167, George L Lindemann & family, at the age of 66, this self made millionaire is worth $1.2 billion. George is a businessman who has bought and sold companies for the past 30 years. His current businesses include media and natural gas.

#167, Arthur L Williams Jr is another self made millionaire with a net worth also at $1.2 billion. Arthur's fortune was made in insurance.

#209, James C France, inherited his fortune from his father Bill France who started Nascar in 1947 and built the Daytona Speedway. Net worth is $1 billion.

#209, William C France Jr, the older brother of the France fortune who along with brother James controls stock car racing's Nascar circuit. Net worth is $1 billion.

#209, Mark McCormack, 71 our only Central Florida resident, lives in Windermere. His fortune on $1 billion was made in the field of sports management and has now expanded into modeling, classical music, television and corporate consulting.

This marks the top 10 richest Floridians, the final 12 are listed below, listing their place within the top 400, their claim to fortune and their current worth (in millions).

#239 Ansin, Edmund Newton, TV stations, $950
#249 Weber, Charlotte Colket, inheritance, $930
#249 Morean, William, Jabil Circuit, $930
#254 Debartolo, Edward John Jr, shopping centers, $920
#301,Abramson, Leonard, Aetna, $775
#313 Glazer, Malcolm, conglomerate, $750
#313 Kimmel, Sidney, Jones Apparel, $750
#347 Baker, Jay, Kohl's, $680
#354 Koch, William Ingraham, oil, $650
#352 Clark, James H, Netscape, $670
#368 Speer, Roy Merrill, television, $600
#391 Flinn, Lawrence Jr, satellite TV, $550

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