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Wazee's World Laser Zone

Wazee’s World Laser Zone opened in June 2009 and operates in a huge facility just northwest of Phoenix, Arizona in Peoria. Wazee's (pronounced wah-zeez) features a 7,500 square foot, two level "Area 51" themed laser tag arena and a nine-hole indoor cosmic (black light) miniature golf course and Makoto. Arcade and video games, air hockey, and a snack bar round out the current offerings.

At Wazee's World up to 36 people can play laser tag at a time using state of the art laser equipment. The object of laser tag is to hit certain targets on your opponent’s vest with your laser gun. Each specific area on the vest is worth a certain point value. When a player gets tagged, their vest deactivates for a few seconds, depending on which target is hit. There are plenty of places to hide, and the smoke and music makes it that much more exciting! Each player receives a score card at the end of the game to see how they ranked.

Cosmic Golf at Wazee's World Laser Zone features an air-conditioned nine-hole miniature golf course played under black lights, with the putter, the ball and the hole itself glowing.

Makoto sessions last about two minutes. The manufacturer describes Makoto as "a cross between “Whack-A-Mole” and “Simon.” You stand in a triangular arena where there are three towers, and you try to score points by hitting targets on the towers. It's fun, and -- don't tell the kids -- it is actually good for both physical and mental fitness.

An inflatable bounce arena is open for children 10 and under.

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Ten Tips About Wazee's World Laser Zone

Wazee's World Laser Tag in Peoria, AZ
© Wazee's World Laser Zone

Here are some things you'll want to know about laser tag and indoor cosmic miniature golf at Wazee's World Laser Zone.

Ten Things To Know About Wazee's World Laser Zone

  1. The recommended minimum age for laser tag is seven years old. Younger players must be accompanied by adults. There is no age minimum for cosmic golf.
  2. For laser tag, players must wear sensible shoes -- no flip-flops or heels. Men must wear a full shirt, no muscle shirts (so the vest isn’t sweaty for the next player). No special attire is necessary for cosmic golf.
  3. Players of all ages can enjoy both laser tag and cosmic golf. The older crowd comes mainly in the evenings. There's no problem with younger children playing during the same session as adults.
  4. There are some arcade-style games and video games at Wazee's World Laser Zone. Some of the video games are war games, and may be best for older children.
  5. There is a brief instructional period before each laser tag session. Laser tag lasts about 15 minutes. There are at least two “Marshalls” in each game of laser tag to make sure everyone follows the rules and that all players have a safe and fun experience.
  6. The arena is filled with fog so you can see your laser beams all the way to their targets. There is loud, thumping music playing to add to the excitement.
  7. If you wear dark clothing, it makes you less of a target than if you’re glowing in light colored clothing!
  8. In cosmic golf, players go in as groups of four. Parents must accompany the little ones. If the group behind you is playing at a faster pace, you are asked to step aside and let them pass.
  9. Wazee's World Laser Zone has a snack bar where you can purchase soft drinks, juice, water and items like hot dogs, pretzels, ice cream and chips. There are tables where you can sit and munch between rounds.
  10. Make your reservations for parties well in advance to ensure that your group can be properly scheduled to enjoy the activities. Weekday groups may be able to get discounted rates.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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Birthday Parties

Wazee's World Laser Tag in Phoenix
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All-inclusive birthday parties and group events are offered here. It’s a safe and fun place to take your family, business associates or group for some good clean fun.

The ‘Party Zone’ areas are semi-private. They are not closed rooms, but are dedicated areas away from the public. No food or beverages (that includes birthday cakes) may be brought into Wazee's World Laser Zone. All party food is arranged through the group coordinator.

Birthday parties, sports teams, corporate, church groups..if you have a group of people that want to have some fun, they are sure to enjoy themselves here.

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Hours, Location, Prices

Wazee's World Laser Tag and Cosmic Golf in Phoenix
© Wazee's World Laser Zone

Wazee's World Laser Zone has seasonal hours. Call to verify if they are open on holidays. You can usually visit Wazee's World Laser Zone in the evenings on weekdays and days and evenings on weekends.

Wazee's World Laser Zone Address: 9750 W. Peoria Ave. Peoria, AZ 85345

That's 1/2 mile west of the 101 Loop (Agua Fria) on Peoria Avenue in Peoria, northwest of Phoenix.

Wazee's World Laser Zone Phone: 623-972-2667

Prices for laser tag are $7.50 per round and $5 per round of cosmic miniature golf (Jan. 2016). Discounts are offered for multiple plays and various packages for unlimited play are offered.

You can get more information at Wazee's World Laser Zone online.

All dates, times, prices and offerings are subject to change without notice.

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