4 Ways to Save Money on Fall Travel

Which Airlines Offer the Most Air Miles, Sustainable Trip Ideas, and More

Taos, New Mexico
Taos, New Mexico.

Autumn is finally here and the days are getting shorter. Whether it’s Thanksgiving around the corner or unused vacation days that you’re looking to spend before the year is over, you are probably wondering when is the best (and cheapest) time to book your fall vacation.

Smart shopping expert Erin Warren of  Splender, a cash-back shopping site that lets users save money on purchases at more than 875 leading retailers, offers insider tips on how you and your family can save more this season:

  1. Fly on hump day. The first saving tip is to book travel plans mid-week because flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday can save hundreds of dollars as several airlines lower costs as a means of filling seats on less busy travel days.
  2. Consider purchasing indirect flights. While this adds extra time to your journey, it is an effective way of saving lots of money on flights.
  3. Combine multiple reward deals. Customers can use online shopping portals through airline programs to earn double miles or points.
  4. Sleep on the cheap. Travelers can also consider accommodations such as Airbnb or Hotel Tonight to save on accommodations during their trip.

    Air Miles for Everyone: Which Airlines Offer the Most

    More than four million air miles are available from airlines so far this year, according to Reward Expert, an online platform that uses technology to help you find the best strategy on where to go using miles, points, and credit cards and that released a new study on mileage-boosting promotions in the first half of 2016. If you are a frequent flier, it may come as no surprise that American, Delta, and United offered the most miles. Other interesting findings of the study include: 

    • Hotel promotions accounted for more than half of all the offers, although these are not the most valuable deals averaging 1,800 miles per offer. 
    • The most valuable promotions are through credit card bonuses and flight promotions offering customers an average of over 24,000 miles. 
    • The greatest number of bonus-miles payout came from credit card sign-up bonuses, vacation packages, cruises, and special flight promotions. However, these deals are hard to come by, making up just 13 percent of offers found.

      For more strategies on how to earn the most miles, check out the entire study here! 

      Sustainable Travel Ideas for Your Next Vacation

      Sustainable travel is on the rise! The travel buzzword focuses on responsible travel that allows for environmental, economic, and socio-cultural sustainability. A recent report from the Center for Responsible Travel revealed that sustainable travel has outpaced the rest of the tourism industry. If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint on your next vacation, here are a few sustainable travel experiences: 

      • Red Reflet Ranch, Wyoming is a unique ranch experience in Ten Sleep, Wyoming. This all-inclusive resort offers guests the chance to stay in luxurious 5-star chalets, unlimited activities, organic meals prepared by a chef, and an impressive selection of wine, beer, and spirits. Activities vary from horseback riding to cattle activities, to yoga, hiking, and rock-climbing. The Ranch can also host your next private event, family reunion, or wedding. 
      • El Monte Sagrado Taos, New Mexico - Relax in style at this luxurious and tranquil eco-resort surrounded by mountains and high desert, just a few blocks from Taos Plaza. Guests can enjoy the Living Spa, an authentic and eco-conscious world-class rejuvenation center. The Spa only uses natural and organic products and features two hydrotherapy tubs and a saltwater pool.
      • Saybrook Point Inn, Connecticut - if you want a weekend getaway that supports over 130 years of business and will give you the perfect mix of Northeast elegance with Southern charm, Saybrook Point Inn is the place for you, which using water- and energy-saving technology and strategies throughout its property. Stay at one of two historic guesthouses and enjoy the amenities of the Main Inn, including a fitness center, spa, and marina bar. Don't forget to visit Fresh Salt during your stay! So much more than just a restaurant, Fresh Salt's chef uses ingredients that are local and seasonal to Connecticut and transforms them into high-quality dishes, available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The resort's Local Food Commitment allows Fresh Salt to work with local farmers to ensure the exceptional quality of local ingredients. 

        A Travel Startup to the Rescue 

        Vertoe is a New York-based startup that is providing solutions to one of the traveler's most common problem: luggage storage. In 2014, NYC had a record-breaking 56.5 million tourists, and that number is growing by 6 percent each year. In a city where lack of a space is an issue, visitors to the Big Apple often find themselves asking the question, "What can I leave my bag that is safe and secure?" Vertoe just launched in May 2016 and has already secured eight locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn.

        Vertoe optimizes existing spaces by partnering with trusted shops that have proven themselves to tourists over the years. While prices per day vary, on average it will cost you $7 to $12 per bag per day. If you have doubts about leaving your suitcase behind, the Vertoe Guarantee program gives customers up to $1,000 on each booking to cover any damages. 

        Learn more about Vertoe and find a location by clicking here so you can travel hassle free the next time you are in the City!