Ways To Experience Hamilton in New York City

Can't afford full-priced tickets or don't want to wait 5 months to see the show?

Since it's opening on August 6, 2015, Hamilton: An American Musical has been getting rave reviews and getting tickets to see the show is not only difficult but also very expensive. The show won 11 Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and although the show's creator and once lead actor has now left the production, tickets continue to be difficult to get (sign up on their website to be notified as tickets are released). If you're visiting New York City and looking for some ways to indulge your interest in Hamilton, here are some great options!

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    Enter The Ticket Lottery

    HAMILTON Launches $10 Lottery Tickets
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    For all performances of Hamilton, aside from Wednesday matinees, the 21 front row seats are awarded to winners of the digital lottery for the mere sum of $10/ticket. Each person can request up to two tickets to the performance, but you'll want to monitor your email closely, as you'll only have 60 minutes from the time of the drawing to pay for your tickets. Digital drawings take place right after the entry window closes.

    Lottery Schedule:

    • Weekend Matinee Performances: enter from 9 a.m to 11 a.m.
    • Evening Performances following Matinee Performances: enter from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m.
    • Evening-Only Performance Dates: enter between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.
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    Hamilton Grange National Memorial
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    Located in the Hamilton Heights neighborhood of Manhattan, the Hamilton Grange was the home of Alexander Hamilton from 1802 until his death in 1804. The home itself was moved twice and now is located in St. Nicholas Park, which was part of Alexander Hamilton's original Harlem estate.

    Admission is free and both ranger-led and self-guided tours are available.

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    Museum Of American Finance.
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    One of the permanent exhibits at The Museum of American Finance, the Alexander Hamilton Room seeks to highlight the important role that Alexander Hamilton played in American financial history. Hamilton was responsible for many important financial ideas and developments in the new nation. The gallery includes signed documents, as well as replicas of the pistols used in the duel with Aaron Burr. They also offer occasional presentations and walking tours that focus on Alexander Hamilton as well.

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    Hamilton: The Walking Tour

    Alexander Hamilton's Grave
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    Take a stroll that gives you a historical backgrounder—a tour of sites in Lower Manhattan associated with Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, the nation's first Secretary of the Treasury. Sites include Hamilton's grave at Trinity Church; the place where he and Jefferson negotiated the formation of the nation's capital; and the site of his home and the college campus he roamed. Though not officially tied to the Broadway musical, an excellent companion to better understanding the historical elements of the show.

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    Morris-Jumel Mansion
    ••• Morris-Jumel Mansion is a stop on the Hamilton's Harlem tour. Lawrence Thornton / Getty Images

    Outside In Tours offers several tours focused on Alexander Hamilton: two walking tours: Hamilton's Harlem and Hamilton's Wall Street and a day trip to New Jersey on Hamilton's Morristown. Tours are led by Jimmy Napoli & Gregory Simmons, both of whom are licensed tour guides, but Napoli is also a historian whose main area of interest and expertise is Alexander Hamilton, so if you're looking for a knowledgeable tour guide who knows his topic beyond the script, check out the tours he's leading.

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    Fraunces Tavern, 1719, built for Stephan Delancey, New York City
    ••• Fraunces Tavern, est. 1719. Barry Winiker / Getty Images

    Karen's expertise in Revolutionary Era New York City and warm personality make her downtown tour well worth seeking out if you want to get more knowledge about both Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. She really brings history to life on her tours and makes it interesting and engaging. She keeps her tour groups small, which allows for a more personalized experience.

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    Fraunces Tavern
    ••• Fraunces Tavern. Heather Cross

    Learn about Alexander Hamilton, both his political and personal sides on this 1 and 1/2 hour walking tour of Lower Manhattan. The tour ends at Fraunces Tavern, where Hamilton was known to enjoy dinner or drinks and you can too.

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    Close up of a ten dollar note
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    Uncle Sam's New York Tours leads a 2-hour tour at 1 p.m. on Saturdays that explores many of the Lower Manhattan locations of importance in the history of Alexander Hamilton. This tour focuses on the role Alexander Hamilton played in the fledgling nation's financial history, while visiting many of the classic Hamilton-related sites in the area, including Trinity Church, Fraunces Tavern, and Alexander Hamilton's grave.

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    Hamilton Related Sites to Explore in NYC

    Columbia University
    ••• Columbia University College Walk Court Yard. By Ad Meskens (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

    Want to include some NYC sites that played a role in Alexander Hamilton's life on your itinerary without taking in a full tour or committing to a museum? Here are some to check out

    • Columbia University (was King's College) - where Hamilton came to study in 1772 at the age of 17 from his home in the West Indies
    • Fraunces Tavern - where Alexander Hamilton often drank and dined with fellow patriots. Believe it or not, it's still a bar and restaurant (and there's also a museum upstairs) so it's a great option if you want to take a break in the area to rest and refuel.
    • Trinity Church - Alexander Hamilton's gravesite is located in the churchyard here. Their self-guided walking tour makes it easy to find his gravesite, but they also have occasional guided tours.