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Kohler Waters Spa is part of Destination Kohler, an unusual luxury resort built around the historic village of Kohler, Wisconsin, with world-class golf courses, fine dining, the Kohler Design Center, and a working factory that makes all the hydrotherapy tubs and Vichy showers that are used in the spa.

Not surprisingly, Kohler Waters Spa is known for its water-based treatments, also known as hydrotherapy.  Kohler's first bath in the 19th century was a horse trough converted into a human tub by adding white enamel and four legs, but things have gotten more sophisticated since then.  Kohler Bathing experiences include time in the Acoustic Bath, which offers a relaxing blend of music and vibration, or the RiverBath, which combines color and a river-like flow of currents, along with light exfoliation and an application of lotion.


There are also lots of hydrotherapy treatments, which combine exfoliation, tub time, Vichy shower, body lotion, and, for the longer services, scalp and facial massage.  All the water-based services and body treatments at Kohler are performed by estheticians, who can treat the skin, but not perform deeper massage on muscle tissue. 

I tried the Magnificent Wrap, an 80-minute service designed to raise your levels of magnesium and other minerals, which many people lack.  The service took place in a beautiful room with a tub, Vichy shower, and a treatment table to lie down on.  On the table was a tray with my name on a card (so personal!) and products to be used during the treatment.  I choose a refreshing wildflower blend of oils that went into my bath  along with mineral salts.

The service started with a dry brushing that lightly exfoliates while stimulating  the skin and circulatory system.  Next the esthetician  checked the water temperature, and helped me get in the  hydrotherapy tub while she held up a sheet to protect my modesty.  I'm not that modest, but it is an important part of the protocol here.

I relaxed for about ten minutes by myself in the aromatic, circulating water, while jets pulsed at the back of my neck.  Just as I felt "done" she reappeared, as though by magic, and helped me back to the table, which was covered with a sheet of plastic.  Next she applied a silky, green algae mask for my body wrap, wrapped me in the plastic and a cloth sheet and gave me a wonderful head massage and a super-relaxing facial massage, which  estheticians excel at.  

I drifted off until it was time for the Vichy shower -- always a favorite.  There's just nothing like getting a shower with six shower heads while you're laying down and someone is rubbing your body.  As warm water rained down on my body, she removed the body mask by wearing gentle black scrubbing gloves and rubbing my skin, which also gave me a light exfoliation.    I had to dry off and get back on the clean table for the next step, an application of Kerstin Florian's Remineralizing Body Creme, which contains magnesium and other minerals.


I thought this was a lovely treatment, but there was a side effect, as over the next day I made extra trips to visit one of Kohler's most famous pieces of plumbing.  It turns out that magnesium is a mild laxative, and apparently I did not need replenishing.  

Since water treatments are a specialty you might want to try one.  Other possibilities include the Bamboo Contouring Drizzle, which uses a brightening scrub, slimmer serum, and firming cream to improve the appearance of your skin, and the Lavender Rain, which includes exfoliation, Vichy shower, and a warm stone treatment on your back.  

Another option: since so many rooms comes with Kohler hydrotherapy tubs, you can always buy a jar of Kerstin Florian Mineral Wellness Soak and bath oil and have a private treatment in your room, every night.  

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