Water Street Bars

A Listing of Bars on Milwaukee's Water Street

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Milwaukee's Water Street definitely has the well-earned reputation of being a nightlife hot-spot. Is it for everyone? No. For the most part, consider this strip as one catering to the college crowd -- think cheap drinks, dancing on tables and the like, and most likely crowded conditions on weekend nights. Of course, there are always exceptions, but do be forewarned if you're looking for fine dining, high-end cocktails, a hipster hang-out, "date night" or quiet conversation on this street.


Bar Louie
A large popular chain bar and restaurant featuring martinis and high-end drinks.
1114 N. Water St.
(414) 847-1492

A college bar that claims to have the "best lookin' crowd in town."
1139 N. Water St.
(414) 226-6969

A.J. Bombers
A quirky family-friendly (though not on weekend nights!) restaurant and bar known for its win as "Milwaukee's Best Burger" on the Travel Channel show "Food Wars."
1247 N. Water St.
(414) 224-8281

Brothers Bar & Grill
A college bar come weekend nights, expect loud music and people, and cheap drinks.
1213 N. Water St.
(414) 224-1690

Duke's on Water

An unpretentious Water Street dive featuring inexpensive drinks. Expect a young, loud crowd on weekend nights.
152 E. Juneau Ave.
(414) 221-0621

Fire on Water
A bar with a bit of a hipper vibe featuring live music on weekends and many other nights. A step up from the full-blown college bar.
581 N. Water St.
(414) 291-4411

The Harp

A large, staple Milwaukee Irish bar featuring outdoor patio seating during warm weather. Gets packed on weekend nights.
113 E. Juneau Ave.
(414) 289-0700

McGillycuddy's Bar and Grill
Expect a young college party crowd. Definitely not a place for ambiance or deep conversation.
1135 N. Water St.
(414) 278-8888

Rosie's on Water
A classic hold-in-the-wall Milwaukee bar, and a Water Street staple for decades. Do expect some dancing on benches, etc., on weekend nights.
1111 N. Water St.
(414) 274-7213

The Safe House
A spy-themed "experience" bar. For decades, the Safe House has been a bar on the itinerary for out-of-towners, locals don't hit it up too frequently.
779 N. Front St.
(414) 271-2007

Scooter's Pub
A basic Water Street bar catering to the cheap-drink crowd, not many frills.
154 E. Juneau Ave.
(414) 274-7204

Trinity Three Irish Pubs
Three bars in one complex, a favorite of the college-age Water Street set. Not a place for quiet conversation.
125 E. Juneau Ave.
(414) 278-7033

Water Street Brewery
A restaurant and bar in an attractive building featuring beer memorabilia. Probably not Milwaukee's most outstanding microbrewery, but a satisfying Water Street experience.
1101 N. Water St.
(414) 272-1195