5 Water Sports to Try in Australia - Including Flying!

Ever wondered what it would be like to fly? Wonder no more, as aqua jetpack flying is just one of the thrill-seeking motorsports you can try in Australia!

With beautiful weather served up year round, every season is an ideal time to get into the water and try a new watersport down under. With so many incredible beaches to choose from and dozens of unique water-based adventures that suit the Australian outdoorsy lifestyle, there is plenty on offer for newbies and experienced fitness fans alike.

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5 Water Sports to Try in Australia - Including Flying!

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1. Aqua Jetpack Flying

Ever wanted to fly around like Superman, propelled by two high-powered water jets strapped to your back? Well, then Aqua Jetpack Flying with Jetpack Adventures is for you. Developed in Australia in 2012, and based roughly on a device used in a James Bond movie, this is one for the adrenaline junkies.

Strap into the 5-point safety harness, put on your helmet and you’re pretty much ready to go – after the instructors teach you how to use the jetpack, of course. In no time you’ll be soaring above the water, feeling free as a bird – or, at the very least, as free as a flying fish.

Jetpack Adventures have multiple locations in Queensland, as well as New South Wales and Perth in Western Australia.

2. Surfing

Aussies love surfing; those who know how to master the waves are often seen bobbing in the water, waiting for the perfect swell, and those Aussies who never learned always wish they had!

Luckily, one of the first rules of surfing is that it’s never too late to learn, and with some of the best surfing beaches in the world at your fingertips, Australia is the best place to do it.

You can find surfing lessons advertised at most beaches around Australia – just as long as there are waves to catch. Surfing Australia offers surfing lessons in almost every state in Australia, as well as listing any surfing competitions worth watching, so check their website to book a lesson at your closest beach.

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5 Water Sports to Try in Australia - Including Flying!

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3. Kayaking

The beauty of kayaking is that you’re not restricted to the beach: you can kayak down rivers, in lakes, and around the coast. So no matter where you’re staying, if there’s a body of water nearby you’ll be able to participate. Paddle around Sydney Harbour or the Hobart waterfront, circumnavigate Lake Burley Griffin in the ACT or just enjoy paddling in calm bays.

For those looking for a longer kayaking experience, there are multi-day kayaking trips that show off the best side of Australia. If you’re a nature lover, book a trip with Roaring 40s Kayaking in Tasmania for some breathtaking wilderness tours. For anyone wishing to stay on the coast, check out Sea Kayak Australia’s multi-day coastal tours in Victoria.

4. Stand-up paddleboarding

As one of the fastest growing water sports in the world, stand-up paddleboarding is all about balance – balancing practicing the sport with incredible scenery, of course! Australia has plenty of incredible scenery to choose from, as well as the choice between quiet, calm bays to practice your flat-water cruising and good surf for trying your hand at surf break wave riding.

Stand-up paddleboards can be rented from various locations around Australia, and the sport is simple enough that you can generally get the hang of it without lessons. If you’d rather have an instructor present to help you nail paddleboarding in one lesson, Go Vertical offer stand-up paddleboard lessons in various locations in Queensland. Since Go Vertical is mobile, their locations are weather dependent, so make sure to check the website to find out if they’re likely to be in your area.

5. Kite Surfing

Learning to Kite Surf is strictly for the adventurous – you’ll need some pretty strong nerves and some serious upper body strength to master this watersport. For those willing to give it a try, the payoff is pure exhilaration and a very decent workout.

Australia’s Gold Coast in Queensland is perfectly positioned for kitesurfing; it’s forgiving for beginners but exhilarating enough for seasoned kite surfers. Book a lesson with In The Loop Kite Boarding and start catching waves as soon as possible.