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Water Park Near Busch Gardens Williamsburg in Virginia

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One of the country's biggest and most popular water parks, Water Country USA is part of the SeaWorld Parks chain. While it is affiliated with the nearby Busch Gardens Williamsburg, it is not adjacent to the theme park and is not included in its admission price.

Undeniably large and loaded with slides and other watery attractions, Water Country USA nonetheless is missing some of the signature rides found at other large water parks, such as a water coaster or a surfing ride. It does, however, boast Vanish Point, one of parkdom's first launch capsule rides. Passengers climb into a capsule, await a pulse-quickening countdown, and exit through a trap door in the floor into wildly fast speed slides. Near the bottom, they navigate a horizontal spiral before exiting into a splash pool.

Some of the other more thrilling rides include:

  • Colossal Curl- Riders in four-passenger cloverleaf tubes drop down into a mini funnel and race up and down its sides. After soaring through an enclosed section, they then fly up and down a mini halfpipe element that reverses their direction and sends them to ride's finale in a splash pool.
  • Aquazoid and Big Daddy Falls- Two family raft rides invite passengers to pile into circular rafts and careen down twisting flumes.
  • Malibu Pipeline- Riders in two-passenger rafts face a mostly dark journey through enclosed flumes.
  • Wild Thang and Meltdown- Similar to Malibu Pipeline, but the riders in the two-passenger rafts on these attractions race through open flumes.
  • Nitro Racer- Multi-lane, mat-racing slide
  • Rampage- Riders careen down the slides at a precarious 60-degree angle on zippy toboggan-like vehicles.

In addition to the thrilling rides, Water Country USA offers smaller, more tame slides, a wave pool, a lazy river, and plenty of tyke-sized slides and attractions. For extra fees, the park offers private loungers and cabanas.

Tickets and Admission Policy

Combo passes are available, but the nearby Busch Gardens Williamsburg requires a separate ticket from the water park. Discounted rates offered for children (3 to 9). Toddlers and infants under 3 are free. Group rates and annual passes are available. Online specials may be available; check with the park.

For an additional fee, the park offers a Quick Queue pass that provides minimum waits at some of the more popular attractions.

Location, Phone, and Operating Hours

Williamsburg, Virginia


Open mid-May to early September. Check with park for actual days and times.



The address is 7176 Water Country Parkway in Williamsburg, Virginia.

From points north: I-95S to Richmond to I-295S to I-64E. Take Exit 242B. Follow SR 199 to park.

From points south: I-85N to Petersburg to I-95S to Richmond to I-295S to I-64E. Take Exit 242B. Follow SR 199 to park.

From Norfolk and points east: I-64W to Exit 242B. Follow SR 199 to park.

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