Soccer Fans: 9 Places to Watch the World Cup in Brooklyn

Where Soccer is Sacred

Brooklyn's a big soccer town, thanks to a large immigrant population from soccer-crazy Latin American and European nations, and the huge popularity of youth soccer teams.

So, people in Brooklyn take the World Cup games pretty seriously.

You can watch the World Cup in all kinds of places in Brooklyn: dive bars and fancy bars; American burger joints, German beer halls and even an authentic Nigerian eatery. The games will likely be on at your neighborhood car repair place, pizzerias and, management permitting, workspaces too. In the Latino section of Sunset Park and along 4th Avenue, you can simply go about your day — go food shopping, grab a sandwich, stop at the shoe repair store — and catch the game at every stop.

Some of the humblest places might make for the best World Cup watching, too. For instance, El Tenampa Bodgega at 706 4th Ave. got a shout out for " large television, authentic tacos and free guacamole in the back room" from none other than NYC.go, the Big Apple's official guide.

But if it's a bar you are looking for, with good energy, good screens, and maybe some good grub, here's a list of about 9 different places in Brooklyn, scattered throughout various neighborhoods, to watch the World Cup with fellow soccer fans.

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 Public Domain

7509 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209-3103, USA
Phone +1 718-238-0030

There are many Irish pubs in Bay Ridge, and you can find soccer matches on big screens at all of them during the World Cup. Two of note, both on Bay Ridge's "restaurant row": Salty Dog at 7509 3rd Avenue, and Kitty Kiernan’s at 9715 3rd Avenue (718) 921-0217. Also, check out  Lonestar Sports Bar & Grill, a few blocks over, at  8703 5th Ave. (718) 833-5180.

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7111 20th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204-5364, USA
Phone +1 718-232-3131

One can't get a much more soccer-mad Brooklyn vibe than in the Italian sections of Bensonhurst. Try any local Italian bar or coffee house, but if you're looking for creds, Café Romeo, at 711 20th Ave., (located just blocks from the Federation of Italian-American Organizations of Brooklyn), was cited in The NY Times piece, Where to Watch the World Cup. Wear your jersey.

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Photo courtesy of Bar Bruno
520 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA
Phone +1 347-763-0850

,  and you can toss one back while noshing on Bavarian pretzels and Australian meat pies.

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128 Smith St, Brooklyn, NY 11201-6258, USA
Phone +1 718-923-0918

Smith Street in Carroll Gardens/Cobble Hill might as well be temporarily renamed "Soccer Street" during the World Cup.

The most famous soccer viewing bar/restaurant in this neighborhood is probably Bar Tabac, located at 128 Smith Street. It is well-known for its good food, French ambiance and arty, international clientele.  

Also check out these two other bars: Union Grounds, calling itself "Carroll Gardens' home for sport," at  270 Smith Street  (347) 763-1935, and Hunter's down the street at 213 Smith Street, which serves up locally sourced, healthful "real food" such as pot pies and pasta.

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543 3rd Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215-4623, USA
Phone +1 347-463-9458

 There  are lots of interesting bars in this neighborhood. One of the best for watching the World Cup is Lowlands Bar at 543 Third Ave. See every single  game of the match here. There's good beer, and food options that are a cut above average: chicken tenders with slaw on ciabatta, slow roasted roast beef, Cuban sandwiches and more. Just don't fall in the canal on your way home; it's still a Superfund site.

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47 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
Phone +1 347-599-2220

Not surprisingly there are quite a few bars and sports bars in the vicinity of the vast  Barclays Center, sometimes referred to as the Brooklyn Downtown Cultural District. Check out The Montrose, 47 Fifth Avenue, (347) 763-0010. 

Or, you can hop over to one of Brooklyn's many beer halls,  Koelner BierHalle (KBH) at 84 St Marks Place (347) 227-7238. It is a large, airy and relatively new place serving all kinds of "wursts": weisswurst, bratwurst, chickenBrat, currywurst, and so on. More beer hall than sports bar, the service is sometimes better and sometimes wurst, but the beer is nice and cold.

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Photo courtesy of Black Forest Brooklyn
733 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA
Phone +1 718-935-0300

Black Forest Brooklyn at 733 Fulton Street, (718) 935-0300, happens to be listed in the online site, World Soccer It boasts over a dozen handpicked German beers on draft, all of which, are, they claim,
"brewed in adherence to the Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law) of 1516, which only permits water, hops and malt as ingredients." Menu items include "traditional German sausages and meats," and  "typical dishes from the Black Forest region, such as Flammkuchen (Alsatian flatbread), Jaegerschnitzel (hunter’s cutlet), as well as Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (Black Forest Cherry Cake)." We must admit, we haven't yet tried it. 

For a different ethnic twist, check out the the Nigerian restaurant BUKA, 946 Fulton Street (between St. James and Grand Street). The menu features Nigerian dishes, with no pork, no dairy no gluten--and it's halal. BUKA was among those cited by The NY Times as interesting places to watch the World Cup.

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200 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217-3505, USA
Phone +1 718-638-2925

200 Fifth Avenue, at the corner of Union Street, is probably the biggest sports bar in Park Slope, though it draws a clientele from both inside and outside the neighborhood. Sometimes loud and often crowded, it's hopping during the World Cup. For something more intimate, check out other options in the neighborhood: the cozy Australian Sheep Station or  Monro Pub, which has a British vibe. Black Horse Pub, 568 5th Ave.  at 16th St. is also a favorite.

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57 S 5th St, Brooklyn, NY 11249, USA
Phone +1 718-230-4040

What is it about Williamsburg  that it just about spawns bars? There are lots of bars with screens in North, South and East Williamsburg where you can watch major sporting events, but for spirited World Cup watching, head to South Williamsburg which is the more Latino section of town.

Try these two South Williamsburg venues share a huge passion for soccer: Miss Favela at  57 South Fifth Street, (718) 230-4040 or Tabare, 221 South Fifth Street.  

Also, Spike Hill. known also as a live music venue.

Or, head to a neighborhood dive bar of choice: Turkey’s Nest Tavern, 94 Bedford Ave, 718-384-977. It has eight TVs, no website, and wins kudos: this old fave was included as in  list of top dive bars by NY Mag.

And in Bushwick, which has a large Latino population you can watch in many places including a hipster fave, Falansai Restaurant, which serves Vietnamese cuisine.

For a guide to World Cup bars and restaurants organized by country of affiliation, city-wide, click here: NYC.go.

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9 Bars to Watch the World Cup in Brooklyn