Waste Management Phoenix Open Tips

Waste Management Phoenix Open

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If you are traveling from out of town to see the Waste Management Phoenix Open, you aren't alone. If you are looking for a place to stay, here are the best bets for hotels and motels, in various price ranges, in Scottsdale. Keep in mind that nothing in north Scottsdale will be cheap in January or February. If you'd like to stay a bit farther away, and have a better chance of getting a reasonable room, try hotels and motels in downtown Scottsdale. Another way to go might be a vacation rental.

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Buying Tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open

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There are plenty of tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. In fact, tickets never run out, so make sure you never pay more than the face value of a ticket.

You'll hear about lots of ticket giveaways from radio stations and car dealerships and such for Waste Management Phoenix Open tickets. It's a relatively cheap marketing giveaway for them.

You may have friends that have received tickets. Companies that purchase sponsorships and corporate tents get plenty of tickets, so ask people you know and see if some free tickets to the Waste Management Phoenix Open are available.

Finally, if you are going to pay full face value for a ticket at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, my advice is to wait until you get there. The lines aren't too long. There used to be many people selling tickets at a discount all over the pace, but they seem to be cracking down on that activity, and it isn't as prevalent now as in years passed. If you hear of a deal in the parking lot or on the shuttle bus, I'd take it because tickets scalpers aren't allowed closer to the event (or even in the parking lots, really). As large signs indicate, the selling of tickets by other parties, or even giving tickets away, is against the rules at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

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Getting to the Waste Management Phoenix Open and Parking


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First of all, you'll need a car. Don't expect to use public transportation to the Phoenix Open.

Here's a map with directions to the Waste Management Phoenix Open. The signage is very good, so don't worry. Just follow the crowds. If you don't have VIP parking passes, you'll be parking in the general lots and you'll have to take a shuttle bus to get to the gold course and back. The buses are convenient and come fairly often, so relax and enjoy the ride. There is no charge, and tipping the bus driver is not required. There are porta-potties at the parking lots.

Please make sure you remember which lot you parked in, and where you parked. Counting rows doesn't usually work, since the configuration of the lot can change dramatically after you leave your car! Find a landmark and note your car's location. If you have a smartphone, download an app that allows you to use GPS to locate your car. Many of them are free or very cheap, and you'll probably find other uses for it. For example, I use mine when parking at the airport.

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Taking Pictures at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

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Taking photos and videos on mobile devices is permitted every day, beginning at the January 2018 event. All content may be used solely for personal purposes (like social media for example) and may not be utilized for any commercial use.  Live streaming or shot-by-shot coverage will continue to be prohibited.  Data use like texting and surfing the Internet will continue to be permitted in all areas throughout the week, while phone calls remain limited to designated areas.

Even if a player is practicing, being considerate is important. Having a camera in a golfer's face while he is trying to putt is rude.

Finally, even on practice days, try to turn off the sounds that your camera makes when taking a picture. Even when they are practicing, it is distracting to hear all those beeps during a swing.

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Getting Autographs at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

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The best times for getting autographs at the Waste Management Phoenix Open are Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Even during tournament days, some players will give autographs after rounds, while they are moving from one practice area to another.

Bring your own autograph material (hat, shirt, program, ticket) and a pen or marker. Be polite.

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What Can You Bring to the Waste Management Phoenix Open


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Don't bring: weapons, beverages (except sealed bottled water), food (unless pre-prepared, in clear bags and carried by hand in a plastic grocery style bag), radios, TVs, any bag/purse larger than 6" x 6" x 6".

Just bring what you need in an approved bag—a bottle of water, sunscreen, cash, binoculars, autograph pen and credit cards. Bring a small bottle of hand cleanser or individual wipes, since all the rest room facilities are porta-potties. Apply some sunscreen before you leave your car (there are often free samples at the Waste Management Phoenix Open) and wear a hat. I use my hat for autographs!

If you have kids, bring some apple slices or simple prepared snacks. Strollers, of course, are permitted, and you'll see many of them on the carts paths at the Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Free pairing sheets are available at the Waste Management Phoenix Open, so you'll know which players are teeing off when and on what holes each day. You can purchase glossy programs on the Waste Management Phoenix Open grounds.

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What to Wear at the Waste Management Phoenix Open

Waste Mgmt Phoenix Open
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If you are going to the Waste Management Phoenix Open early, make sure you dress in layers. It can be very cool in the morning, especially if there's a breeze. Later, if the sun is shining, it will warm up significantly.

When planning your layers, consider the fact that you'll be carrying some of your clothes later on in the day when it gets warm. It is not convenient to get back to your car.

Make sure you wear comfortable shoes. TPC Scottsdale is very spread out (that's why they never run out of tickets) and it can be a long walk to certain holes. You'll be walking on grass, and it can be hilly. Still, you'll see some people—mostly women!—in stiletto heels. That never ceases to amaze me!

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How to See the Waste Management Phoenix Open


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When you are a spectator at the Phoenix Open, there are basically two ways you can do it.

1. Walking - you can walk from hole to hole, following your favorite player or just finding good spots on various holes from which to view the action.

2. Sitting - you can bring those camp chairs that everyone seems to have, get there early, find a good location, usually on a green, and stay there the entire day if you choose. Many people do this, especially if walking all day is not an option. That way you'll get to see all the players come through. This is a good way to handle the event if you aren't comfortable with crowds.

You pretty much have to choose between number 1 and number 2, because walking around carrying those chairs gets old pretty fast. Of course, many people will sit on the grass on mounds overlooking the action if the grass has dried out after the morning dew and frost.

Even though it isn't really about seeing the Waste Management Phoenix Open, there is a third option.

3. Schmoozing - it seems like there are some people who don't even watch golf while they are there. There's food, drinks, and a lot of people-watching going on. It's a favorite place for people to meet up, and scope out attractive men and women.

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Be a Good Waste Management Phoenix Open Citizen

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When a hundred thousand of your acquaintances and friends get together, and professional golfers are trying to play their best for themselves, the fans, the sponsors, and the benefactors, it's helpful if everyone is on their best behavior.

When players are about to hit the ball, absolute quiet is expected (16th hole is an exception). If you are rude to players, interrupt the players, take pictures when prohibited, or don't follow the instructions of the Waste Management Phoenix Open Marshals, you will be removed from the grounds. No warnings are issued.

Be considerate of those spectators around you. Control your children; they shouldn't be there if they can't be quiet. Don't litter -- there are trash receptacles everywhere. Some areas, like the main path at the 18th hole, can get congested and crowded. Be patient, and don't push. It doesn't help. It would also be easier if people didn't just stand in that area chatting or enjoying refreshments, since it is the only way in and out of the Waste Management Phoenix Open.