Washington State Fair Rides

The Best Rides for Kids, Teens, and Adults

Washington State Fair (formerly called the Puyallup Fair) rides come in all shapes and sizes, but primarily three categories to be aware of: SillyVille Rides (for kids); Midway Rides (for kids and adults); and rides that require special admission.

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    Rides for Kids

    Puyallup Fair Rides for Kids
    ••• Puyallup Fair Rides for Kids. Copyright Quiltsalad

    The fair's kid ride area is called SillyVille. Most SillyVille Rides are located close to the Green and Purple Gates. SillyVille rides are geared toward younger children, and all kids must be at least two years ago. Ride height requirements start at 36 inches tall, but some rides require that your child be at least 42 inches tall.

    SillyVille Ride Tips

    • Ride tickets for SillyVille are 50 cents each. Rides take between 6 and 10 tickets.
    • Dizzy Passes will get your child unlimited SillyVille and Midway rides for one price.

    What is the best ride for young kids and parents to enjoy together?

    If you’re looking for a great ride for parents and children to enjoy together, the SillyVille Train wins this hands down. Not all adults want to zip and spin along with their children, but this peaceful train ride is sure to be a hit with young riders and enjoyable for adults, too.

    What is the most exciting SillyVille ride?

    SillyVille rides tend toward the gentle end of the ride spectrum, but the Giant Slide...MORE is tall and fast enough that even rollercoaster fans will enjoy it, but it’s safe enough for small children to enjoy, too. Parents and children can sit on one burlap sack together. For young children who want to sample the excitement of a rollercoaster, the Lil’ Coaster allows them to dip their toes in without moving too fast.

    What rides are best for older children?

    If you have an older child, SillyVille may be a bit too tame for his or her taste. Tilt-a-Whirl is one of the few rides that will attract riders young and old that is classified as a SillyVille ride.

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    Midway Rides and Roller Coaster

    Puyallup Fair Rides
    ••• Puyallup Fair Rides. Copyright Nancy_t3i

    Midway rides have height requirements starting at 42 inches tall, but many require that riders are 48 or 52 inches tall. These rides are geared toward older kids, teens, and adults.

    Best all-around ride:

    The Giant Coaster is a popular choice for almost all fair-goers. This coaster is one of the oldest structures on the fairgrounds and has lap bars and lots of hills and dips, ensuring riders get lots of air time.

    Best rides if you want to go upside down:

    The best ride at the Washington State Fair for upside-down hang time is Inverter. This ride rocks back and forth and gradually works up to dangling riders upside down, ultimately suspending the ride upside down for several hair-raising seconds. Similar rides are Kamikaze and Super Loops, but the Inverter has much more comfortable seating.

    Other roller coasters at the Fair:

    While there is only one Giant Coaster at the fair, there are a few other coasters that often have fewer people waiting in line. Wild Cat is the fastest and most exciting...MORE coaster, possibly faster than the Giant Coaster. Monster Mouse is another option, but features jerky, hairpin turns.

    Best rides if you like to spin:

    If you like going in circles, most rides have you well-covered to varying degrees. For quick spins, head to the Matterhorn, Starship, or Zero Gravity, but be warned—these rides are not for the delicate of stomach. For slower, gentler spin, relax on the Wave Swinger or enjoy a round on the Enterprise, a ride that starts out circling at ground level, and works its way up to vertical loops.

    Best rides that combine spinning and vertical motion:

    If you enjoy a variety of sensations all at once, this category is for you. Monster and Spider are similar rides that combine two separate spinning motions—each car spins and the ride spins as well. On top of that, cars move up and down, too. Scrambler is another ride that offers multiple levels of spin, but keeps riders on a flat plane. Eingang is yet another alternative.

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    Rides that Require Special Admission

    Puyallup Fair Extreme Scream
    ••• Puyallup Fair Extreme Scream. Copyright Jennifer R. Graevell Photography

    Usually, the most exciting, most death-defying, thrilling rides at the fair are not included in special deals like the Dizzy Pass. These often require a separate admission fee. These rides include Extreme Scream, Vertigo, Zip It, and the bungee launcher Sling Shot.