The Washington State Fair

Puyallup Fair Main Gate

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While there are a total of five gates at the Washington State Fair, the Gold Gate on the corner of Meridian and 9th Avenue SW is by far the most noticeable

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Americraft ShowPlex

ShowPlex at the Puyallup Fair
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During the Washington State Fair, the Americraft ShowPlex building houses exhibits and vendor booths. The fairgrounds host several events throughout the year and the ShowPlex often factors into these as well, as the location for Oktoberfest, athletic events, and more.

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Washington State Fair Concerts

Puyallup Fair Concerts
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Washington State Fair concerts are held at the Grandstand, an outdoor arena used for concerts, rodeos, and other big events. Concert-goers can sit on the ground level to be closer to the stage, or in the stadium seating. Even though the stadium seating is farther back from the stage, it has the advantage of being covered and elevated.

Concerts at the fair often feature some big name performers. Performers have included Heart, Carrie Underwood, and Weird Al Yankovic is a repeat offender. The Fair Rodeo also takes place here each year.

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Washington State Fair Animals

Puyallup Fair Animals
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The Washington State Fair always features animals large and small, including a petting zoo area for children to enjoy. Every year, some babies are born right at the fair, including these chicks. A set of piglets or two also visit the fair each year, along with the mama pigs. The piglets are located at the Pig Palace, while the chicks live in the Poultry and Rabbit barn.

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Washington State Fair Scones

Puyallup Fair Scones
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The fair is known for many types of food--Krusty Pups, grilled corn, barbecue, and earthquake burgers. But perhaps no fair food is more revered than the Fair scone, a simple treat filled with raspberry jam and butter. Some scone stands get massive lines, but often move quickly. If you don't want to wait in line, there are typically six scone stands located around the fairgrounds and the smaller ones tend not to get as long of lines.

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Washington State Fair Giant Pumpkin

Puyallup Fair Giant Pumpkin
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The fair features agricultural exhibits, too. Some of the coolest are the giant pumpkins that are sure to show up each year. You can spot them in the agricultural displays, at the Planting Patch near the Purple Gate, and often in carving contests near the Pavilion by the Gold Gate. The artists who carve giant pumpkins at the Washington State Fair put most Halloween jack-o-lanterns to shame!

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Washington State Fair Shows

Puyallup Fair Shows
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Along with the large Grandstand on the Washington State Puyallup fairgrounds, there are several smaller stages. The Coca-Cola Stage is located in the center of the fairgrounds and is one of the best places to find free shows. Most years feature a hypnotist (formerly Travis Fox and currently Tina Marie) and a variety of bands.

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Washington State Fair Rides

Ferris wheel
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The Washington State Fair is popular with kids young and old because of its many rides. Ride tickets can be purchased at booths located all around the fair, but the best deals are often package deals. If you want to enjoy endless rides, buying a Dizzy Pass is a must. These are available on select dates only and get you unlimited rides on almost every ride in the fair. Other ways to get deals on rides include purchasing a Value Pack at Fred Meyer or a ticket bundle deal from one of the ride booths.

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Washington State Fair Rollercoaster

Puyallup Fair Rollercoaster
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Washington State Fair's rollercoaster has been on the fairgrounds since the 1930s and is one of the best (or the best!) rides at the Fair. It's a classic wooden rollercoaster that will get you plenty of air time as the cars fly over hills and dips.

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Washington State Fair in the Rain

Puyallup Fair in the Rain
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Given that this fair is located in the Northwest, many fair days just may be rainy, chilly, or otherwise have bad weather. If you plan to stay more than a few hours, it's always best to bring a jacket as evening temperatures drop. Rain gear doesn't hurt either! You can get a hand stamp for re-entry to the fair if you want to store gear or clothes in your car.

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