Washington State Fair Discounts and Coupons

How to do the Puyallup for Cheaper

Puyallup Fair Discounts and Coupons
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Want to save some money on your Washington State Fair tickets? Don’t we all! Between paying for parking, admission, food and rides, doing the Puyallup adds up. Every year, the fair gets a little more expensive, but not going is just not an option! Fortunately, there are a number of ways to save money on fair admission, as well as on attractions, rides and food inside the fair.

Deals on Parking

Parking in official fair lots will cost you $15, which isn't cheap, and yet parking in fair lots also gets you close to the gates. The best way to save some money on parking is to go to the fair on a weekday when parking in official lots is $10 instead of $15.

If you're not adverse to walking a little (or a lot) and you don't mind hunting for a spot, there are other options to save on parking. Many businesses in the blocks surrounding the fair rent out their lots. The closer they are to the fair, the pricier they are, but most are cheaper than actually parking in the fair lots. Many local residents will also rent out their yards and driveways. If you're interested in these options, just make sure you're not paying more than it would cost to park in the official lots.

If you don't mind a walk, it's also not impossible to park for free. Many of the streets around the fair have street parking but count on some competition for these. You'll have better luck during off peak times and on weekdays. Make sure to be courteous and not block anyone's driveway, too, or you might come back to find you've been towed!

If you totally want to avoid parking all together, there are also shuttle buses and other ways to get to the fair without your car.

Fair Admission Discounts and Coupons

  1. Some schools (especially in Puyallup) give discount or free admission tickets to their students.
  2. If you bring a donation of nonperishable food on opening day between 10:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., you'll get in for free.
  3. If you buy tickets from the fair's website in advance, you'll get a couple dollars off. This deal ends the day before the fair opens.
  4. Fred Meyer offers Value Packs, which are a great deal for couples or families. These include two gate admissions, 10 food bucks, 6 rides, and discount weekday parking—all for one flat rate. In 2018, the cost of the Value Pack is $38.95. This is also one of the best ways to ride a few rides at the most reasonable price.
  5. Discount admission tickets are available at select Albertsons, Safeway, and the South Hill Mall in the weeks before the fair.
  6. If you buy concert tickets to any of the Fair concerts, you get free fair admission, too.​​
  7. If you want to go more than once, get a Season Pass to get admission to every day of the fair, discounted parking, and other deals.
  8. Labor Day weekend - August 31-September 3 - is free for all kids under age 18.

Deals for Military Members

Free admission on Mondays for active, retired, and reserve military members, as well as National Guard members. Gets dependents in for free, too!

Ride Coupons and Discounts

  1. To get the most bang for your buck, Dizzy Passes are the only way to go! For one flat rate, you can ride unlimited rides all day (excluding some premium rides). Purchase your Dizzy Pass online between mid-July and the day before the fair starts and you'll get a little more of a discount. Dizzy Passes are only often certain days of the fair, so if you want to ride to your heart's content, check out when the passes are on and plan accordingly.
  2. To board a ride, you will need tickets or a Dizzy Pass bracelet. Rides can take anywhere from a couple tickets to five, six or seven tickets. More exciting rides take more tickets. You can buy tickets one-by-one, but if you intend to go on more than one ride, the better deal is to buy bundle deals. Even if you don't get a Dizzy Pass, ticket bundles can save you over buying at the single ticket rate.
  3. Fred Meyer Value Packs usually include ride tickets. These tickets are a great deal.

Deals on Fair Food

  1. Fred Meyer Value Packs include food bucks, which can be used to purchase fair food.
  2. On Thursdays in the Brew Park, those who are 21+ can enjoy eight 5-ounce samples of beer or cider plus a collectible glass for $30.

For a full listing of all discounts, see the Washington State Fair website.

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