Washington DC Weather: Monthly Average Temperatures

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Washington, DC weather is mild compared to many parts of the United States. The capital region has four distinct seasons, although the weather can be unpredictable and varies from year to year. Fortunately, the nastiest weather in the Washington, DC area is usually fairly short in duration.

Although DC is located in the center of the Mid-Atlantic region, it is considered to be in the humid subtropical climate zone that is typical of the South. The suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia surrounding the city have climates that are influenced by elevation and proximity to water. The eastern areas near the Atlantic coast and the Chesapeake Bay tend to have a more humid subtropical climate while the western communities with its higher elevations have a continental climate with cooler temperatures.

 The city and central parts of the region waiver with weather in between.

In the winter, the Washington, DC area gets an occasional snowstorm. The temperatures often fluctuate above freezing in the winter so we can get lots of rain or freezing rain during the colder months. Springtime is beautiful when the flowers blossom. The weather is wonderful in the spring and this is the busiest time of year for the tourist attractions. During the summer months, Washington, DC can get hot, humid and uncomfortable. Late July and most of August are a good time to stay indoors in the air conditioning.

Fall is the best time of the year for outdoor recreation. The vibrant colors of the fall foliage and the cool temperatures make this a great time to walk, hike, bike, picnic and enjoy other outdoor activities. Read more about Washington DC by the Seasons.

Average Monthly Temperatures in Washington, DC

Average high temperature: 43
Average low temperature: 24
Rainfall: 3.57

Average high temperature: 47
Average low temperature: 26
Rainfall: 2.84

Average high temperature: 55
Average low temperature: 33
Rainfall: 3.92​

Average high temperature: 66
Average low temperature: 42
Rainfall: 3.26​

Average high temperature: 76
Average low temperature: 52
Rainfall: 4.29

Average high temperature: 84
Average low temperature: 62
Rainfall: 3.63​

Average high temperature: 89
Average low temperature: 67
Rainfall: 4.21​

Average high temperature: 87
Average low temperature: 65
Rainfall: 3.9​

Average high temperature: 80
Average low temperature: 57
Rainfall: 4.08​

Average high temperature: 69
Average low temperature: 44
Rainfall: 3.43​

Average high temperature: 58
Average low temperature: 36
Rainfall: 3.32​

Average high temperature: 48
Average low temperature: 28
Rainfall: 3.25

For an up-to-date weather forecast, see www.weather.com.

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