Washington, DC Independent Film Festival 2016


The Washington, DC Independent Film Festival is an an award winning event that showcases a variety of feature, short, animation and documentary films by local, national, and international filmmakers. Many of the festival films have gone on to the Academy Awards, Sundance, Toronto and Cannes, where some have taken prizes. At each program of the Washington, DC Independent Film Festival participants view a range of films, including an animation, a short and a feature. After each session there is a question and answer discussion where you can interact directly with top executives and filmmakers.

Dates: March 4-13, 2016


2016 Film Festival Highlights

  • Feature films include American Bred, set in present day Detroit, one of the last crime syndicates begins to unravel when lies, mystery and betrayal devour the trust which holds them together; Fools, two strangers brush hands on a train and move in together days later, fabricating the history of their love as they go along; Kara, Kara moves to DC for grad school, meets and falls for a lobbyist named David. Except Kara’s a spy and David’s her target; Neptune, affected by a classmate’s sudden disappearance, an orphan girl, raised in a church on a small island off the coast of Maine, falls into an obsessive mania on her way to discovering herself and more.
  • Documentaries include Artspeak, New York artist Bill Claps discovering everyday people’s thoughts and feelings about contemporary art as he develops a video installation and a series of artworks; Freak the Language, through poetry readings, the film spotlights poet David Mill’s unique associations of words, syntax, rhythm and rhyme and more.
  • Animated films include Derek's Roses, What a beautiful night for some star watching. Life’s great when you are the perfect couple; Journey Birds, personal stories fuse together as man and bird in a cinematic commentary on immigration and more.
  • Shorts include Another Love, a pregnant married woman struggles to tell a much older man that their affair is over; Chasing the Sun, in the middle of an ill-conceived road trip, two siblings bounce between hope and despair while their long-buried family history slowly comes to light and more.
  • High School Student Films include Incubus, a boy sets out on an amateur archaeology assignment with his dad. After he finds a mysterious key, the day takes a turn for the worse as supernatural powers turn a pleasant afternoon into a nightmare; My Tiger and I, a soldier and his dog relish a special bond from their experiences over the years. But when carefree curiosity grasps ahold of him, the young man is catapulted into a reality of fear, guilt, and confusion and more.

    To see the complete list of films and purchase tickets, see the official website.