Warsaw in December - Weather, Events, Tips

December Guide for Warsaw Travel

Christmas Tree in Warsaw's Castle Square
CC BY strzelec

December Weather in Warsaw

  • Average December temperature: -1ºC / 31ºF
  • December average high: 2ºC / 36ºF
  • December average low: -3ºC / 26ºF

Warsaw's winter is not usually unbearable, but temperatures have been known to dip well below freezing in the coldest years.

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What to Pack for Warsaw in December

Pack warm clothing for December travel to Warsaw. Follow tips for winter dress, using layers to keep you comfortable as you explore Poland's capital city.

Don't forget:

  • Winter coat
  • Sturdy shoes that are comfortable for walking and warm socks
  • Hat, gloves, scarf

December Holidays and Events in Warsaw

All Month: Warsaw's Christmas market is a major December attraction. While the market in Old Town is more popular, another Christmas market also appears near the Palace of Culture.

On December 31st, prepare to celebrate New Year's Eve in Warsaw. Head to Old Town for the fireworks display, or spend the night celebrating in a club or restaurant.

Tips for Travel to Warsaw in December

  • Old Town takes on a festive atmosphere with decorations, lights, and Christmas trees.
  • In warm weather, many of Warsaw's must-see sights can be visited on foot. If cold weather prevents you from enjoying walks to major sights, use public transportation.