Walking Tour: Visiting Stockholm's Djurgården (Djurgarden)

Djurgarden in Stockholm

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A walking tour of Djurgarden is a must for any visitor coming to Stockholm during the warmer months of the year. It's free, it's adjustable to your speed and interests, and you can stop at any time for snacks and refreshments. If you are planning on completing the walking tour as noted, please plan two hours for it.

Stockholm's Djurgården (english: Game Park) is an island right in the middle of Stockholm, known for its beautiful green spaces, many sights, events, parks, and tourist attractions. Stockholm consists of a number of islands that are linked together by bridges. The island Djurgården is a cultural center and lushly wooded park to which Stockholmers have been flocking for centuries.

The island has more than 10 million visitors each year. The location is perfect for a wonderful walking tour, and also offers other great Things To Do in Stockholm.

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Heading Toward Djurgården (Djurgarden)

How do you get started with this tour? For this interesting 2 - 2 1/2 hour walking tour on Djurgården, the starting point is easy to reach: Simply take the Djurgården tram from wherever you are in Stockholm. It will take you directly to Djurgården. Enjoy a ride on one of these old trams (built 1920 - 1950!) as it works its way towards Djurgården island. The timetable may vary slightly but the trams are usually scheduled to go every 12 minutes.

The old-fashioned veteran-style trams are driven by enthusiastic members of the Swedish tram association. It is also possible to reach Djurgården by taking the bus, number 44 or 47, but much less romantic!

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Crossing Djurgårdsbron

Stockholm, Sweden
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From the Stockholm city areas Östermalm and Strandvägen, where you can get off the tram, you will reach the island of Djurgården via the bridge Djurgårdsbron. It was built in 1897 and the decoration shows sculptured old gods and beautiful cast iron railings.

Anyone who has ever taken a walk over the bridge into Djurgården knows how quickly the atmosphere changes from Stockholm's busy city life to serene Scandinavian nature and relaxed fun times. Take your time crossing the bridge as we continue our walking tour...

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Visiting Galarparken & Djurgardsstaden

Church at Skansen Museum, Stockholm
Skansen Museum

Turn right after Djurgårdsbron and you will be in the park Galärparken. In the park you will find some of the foremost attractions in Stockholm including Junibacken. In connection with the church in Galärparken you can visit a monument honoring the victims of the Estonia catastrophe in September 1994.

Let's continue the walking tour by passing the Liljevalchs Art Gallery, Aquaria Water Museum, the theme park Grona Lund and the world famous Skansen Open Air Museum, many of which are on the list of the top 10 things to do in Stockholm.

Now you will start to see Djurgårdsstaden (the city of Djurgården) behind Grona Lund. Historic wooden buildings from the 18th century still stand here and have been modernized and converted into private residences.

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Ending at the Rosendal Palace & Garden

Rosendal Palace
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After visiting Djurgardsstaden, start walking east towards Bellmansro; then turn north towards the Rosendal Palace and its impressive garden. A few minutes' walk later, you will enter the Rosendal grounds.

Rosendal Palace was built in the 1820s for King Karl XIV Johan, the first Bernadotte. Rosendal was originally a summertime pleasure retreat. It has never been a residence in the modern sense of the word. It was merely intended as an escape from the formalities of court life at the Royal Palace. The gardens are a center for biodynamic cultivation offering courses and lectures on the same topic.

Snacks and drinks are served in the popular terrace cafe and the terrace is a great opportunity to sit down and conclude your walking tour with a coffee or two. Afterwards, you can take the Djursgarden tram back to your starting point.

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