Walking Tour of Rainey Street Bars

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    ••• Bungalow. Robert Macias

    Offering an ever-changing menu of artisanal drinks such as the Peach Smash, Bungalow sets itself apart from the rest of the Rainey Street crowd by offering a medium-energy vibe and low-key bartenders. In summertime, the adult snowcones are a must-have. It also has a sprawling outdoor area with games. 


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    Clive Bar

    Clive Bar Austin TX
    ••• Clive Bar on Rainey Street. Robert Macias

    Low lighting and elegant decor make this one of the few Rainey Street bars with a romantic atmosphere. The dangerous little secret at Clive Bar is the tiny mescal bar in the back. It serves several varieties of this tequila-like firewater, but proceed with caution. At the main bar, the specialty is infused spirits. 

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    Container Bar

    Container Bar
    ••• Container Bar. Robert Macias

    Built out of repurposed freight containers, the Container Bar was the first to break the old-houses-as-bars mold on Rainey Street. The seven containers are stacked to create a second floor of intimate rooms. Each space is fairly small, but the containers surround a huge central courtyard. Explore this bar before you've visited the other ones so that you can fully appreciate how unique it is. In addition to creating a one-of-a-kind experience, the design is an excellent example of adaptive reuse.

    The signature drink at Container Bar is a Sour Cherry Old Fashioned, with cherry bitters, lemon and Bulleit Bourbon.

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    Craft Pride

    Craft Pride
    ••• Craft Pride. Robert Macias

    Serving only Texas-made beers, Craft Pride is heaven for Lone Star beer nerds. After knocking back a few pints, head to the VIA Pizza truck in the back and enjoy one of the best pizzas in town. It's Detroit-style!

    At the rear of the bar, the Bottle Shoppe offers many of the craft beers and a few Texas wines to go. 

    As of September 2016, the construction activity around Craft Pride has become slightly less intense. A few construction cranes still hover overhead, and new buildings cast a shadow over many of the nearby bars. As you walk down the street, you often have to navigate around roped-off construction zones. 

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    ••• Javelina. Robert Macias

    With a design inspired by hill country dance halls, Javelina is a relaxing spot amid the chaos that is Rainey Street. The bar has a nice selection of local beers and a few specialty cocktails, such as the Kimble, made with rum, mango and jalapeno. The watermelon-based Sandiamo is also a refreshing and boozy treat. However, the food is the main attraction at Javelina. Don't miss the sweet potato fries or the borracho tacos. Looking for a hardy appetizer? Try the Javelina Eggs with chipotle aioli and pork sausage. For something lighter, try the Grilled Watermelon Salad. 

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    ••• Nova. Robert Macias

    Another architectural standout on Rainey Street, NoVa looks like something straight out of Miami Vice. By far the most upscale eatery on Rainey Street, NoVa serves up everything from red chile cauliflower to kale salad. The chef does amazing things with pork belly, from ravioli to mac and cheese. On Sundays, NoVa is quickly becoming the go-to brunch spot on Rainey Street.