Can You Walk or Jog Across the Manhattan Bridge?

A Walk Across the Manhattan Bridge

Walking manhattan bridge
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Let's face it: the Brooklyn Bridge is like a movie star in demand: wonderful, beautiful, but sometimes just insanely busy. Can a runner, jogger or walker detour and take the nearby Manhattan Bridge from Brooklyn into Manhattan, instead?

Answer: Yes. The Manhattan Bridge has a pedestrian path. The bridge ends in Manhattan's Chinatown neighborhood, some blocks north of where the Brooklyn Bridge hits Manhattan at City Hall.

The Manhattan Bridge is usually much less crowded on weekends and holidays than the Brooklyn Bridge and is a great way to make your way into Chinatown. 

For Views, Cross on the South Side of the Manhattan Bridge

If it's views you want, make sure you can cross on the south side of the Manhattan Bridge. (Due to construction, sometimes one pedestrian lane or the other is closed.) Looking southward is where the New York magic is: the Statue of Liberty or New York Harbor, and the Brooklyn Bridge itself. It's spectacular to see the entire span of the Brooklyn Bridge against lower Manhattan.

(You also get great views when crossing the Manhattan Bridge by subway!)

Fewer Visual Thrills when Crossing on North Side of the Manhattan Bridge

The north-looking views are less spectacular than those you behold from the Brooklyn Bridge. The Manhattan Bridge is situated in such a way that on the north side, even Manhattan's famous skyline looks, well, vaguely Midwestern, and that's excluding Chicago.

How It Feels to Walk or Jog Across the Manhattan Bridge

The experience of walking or jogging across the Manhattan Bridge depends on how much company you've got on the narrow pedestrian walkways!

Unlike the Williamsburg Bridge, the pedestrian path on the Manhattan Bridge is narrow, and underneath, not above, the traffic.

Be street smart: the Manhattan Bridge can be lonesome at off-peak hours.

That said, runners and walkers headed to Chinatown or Soho, or who just can't be bothered with dodging the fast cyclists, gawking tourists, and other walkers on the Brooklyn Bridge, might just prefer the Manhattan Bridge route. It's no-nonsense. And it gets you there. It's a choice bridge for many locals.

Compared to the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge offers joggers and walkers a grittier experience. Overhead subways rumble across the Manhattan Bridge, as well as cars.

Note: When the Manhattan Bridge is under construction, the lanes may vary; you can receive detour updates by requesting to be put on a list serve at

What do to once you walk across the bridge?

You should stroll through Chinatown and order some Dim Sum.

Edited by Alison Lowenstein