Greece's 5 Most Walkable Cities

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Old City, Rhodes

Fortress in Old City, Rhodes, Greece

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Had too much of sugar cube architecture on the Greek islands? A walk through medieval-seeming Rhodes City will fix that. While it can be a little bit of a shock to go from quaint fishing villages to the somber walls of Rhodes, the walled town area is a great place to walk, shop, and eat. While it has been extensively restored, giving it a slightly Disney-esque feel, it's still fun to expect to meet a knight in shining armor around every corner. You can see the gravestones of real knights at the Archaeological Museum and take a rest at the ceramic fountain in the center of the town.

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Monastiraki Square, Athens, Greece
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Great changes have come to Athens over the years. Where it was once a challenge to get around the city on foot, pedestrian walkways now link some of Athens' most prominent sites. The expansion of the Athens Metro makes it simple to check out more walking neighborhoods easily. The area around Syntagma Square and the Acropolis invites wandering, and the National Garden originally founded by Queen Amalia of Greece provides a shady sanctuary. While the simplest way to explore on foot is to get out and start walking, there are many groups and companies which offer walking tours of Athens.

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Greece, Thessaloniki, Town square with White Tower
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Greece's second-largest city possesses a long, beautiful waterfront promenade leading to the iconic White Tower. Walk a little further and the excellent Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki awaits. Hilly streets can be a challenge but it is possible to explore the old city, untouched by the fire of 1917, up above. Thessaloniki is much more compact than Athens and follows a more regular plan of streets. The slightly slower pace and less congested streets combine to make this a good destination for pedestrians.

If you want a guided experience on foot in Thessaloniki, the "Eat and Walk and Eat Some More" tour offered by Smaragda of the Marmita Food Lab combines a food and footwork. Walking tours are available every day except Sunday. Just be aware - while Greek cuisine is never too spicy, Thessaloniki cuisine uses the local Fiorina peppers. The rest of Greece considers Thessaloniki food "hot."

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Remember that the concept of a challenging labyrinth was born in Crete and you may be able to appreciate the tangled streets a little better. Starting near the Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, you can explore the remains of the old city walls and follow meandering alleyways down toward the "port and fort", a scenic area which is also ideal for a long walk to the fort. For most of the top travel months, this is best done in the early morning or just before dusk, when temperatures are cooler. The often apple-red sun drops behind the mountains beyond Heraklion. Watching the gem-like lights of Heraklion and the long string of amber lights lining the National Road come on while the illuminated night ferries prepare to leave is a beautiful experience

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Greece, Epirus Region, Ioannina, Municipal Ethnographic Museum building and Lake Pamvotis, dawn
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This Greek city is located near the ancient site of Dodona which draws most of the visitors to the area. Ioannina itself is a quintessentially Greek town located on a lovely lake which possesses its own tiny Greek island in the center of it. The old walled city in the center of town holds a Byzantine jewelry museum and an ancient church. While a walk through the meandering streets is always pleasant, on Sunday mornings amplified chanting can be heard from the church ceremonies, providing the perfect audio background for an early morning wander through the streets of Ioannina.

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