Take a Walk Through Storyland in City Park in New Orleans

The entrance to Storyland

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The entrance gates to Storyland in New Orleans City Park sets the tone for an adventure through all the favorite nursery rhymes of childhood. The magic of Storyland is enhanced by the setting among centuries old Live Oaks trees adorned with Spanish Moss. It's a favorite place for an afternoon with the kids in New Orleans since 1906. Storyland has been completely restored since Hurricane Katrina and is a must see for kids. Storyland is located next to the Carousel Amusement Park. Hours, cost and directions are available on this website. The only question now is which way to turn after walking into this magic world.

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Mother Goose Watches Over the Fun

Mother Goose
(c)2007 Sharon Keating

What fairy land would be complete without Mother Goose? She hangs over Storyland in one of the large Live Oak Trees watching all the fun. From her vantage point, she can see most of the winding paths through the Storyland village and all of our favorite stories.

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Pinnochio's Whale

The whale in Storyland in New Orleans
(c)2007 Sharon Keating

Remember the whale who swallowed Pinnochio and Geppetto? Sure we all remember the story and how Pinnochio's clever idea to build a fire inside the whale's belly saved the pair from doom. But, do you remember the whale's name? Well, it was Monstro. Monstro the whale lives in Storyland and you can climb down into his belly to imagine how Pinnochio and Geppetto felt. But, don't worry, Monstro is now a friendly whale and will not close his mouth when you're inside.

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Cinderella's Castle

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

In Storyland, Cinderella's Castle is the perfect place to sit and listen to a story or watch a puppet show. This shaded spot is set up with child size benches and is the perfect place to plan a birthday celebration or other party. There are often puppet shows and storytellers in Cinderella's Castle to spark the imagination and fun.

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Cinderella's Pumpkin Coach

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

Standing nearby Cinderella's Castle is her magic pumpkin coach. After all how else would she get to the ball? The coach adds to the fun and mystic of Cinderella's Castle and the surrounding child-friendly area.

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The Three Little Pigs

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

We all remember the story of the Three Little Pigs and their houses. Well, here they are in Storyland next to the brick house, under the close watch of Mother Goose.

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Dragon Slide

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

Every playground needs a fun slide. Storyland needed a special slide and so, the dragon slide was built. It's high, colorful and fast. The kids love it. Right next to the slide is another fun playground fixture. It's a fire truck just perfect for climbing on and playing fireman.

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Repunzel's Tower

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

Kids love to climb, and what better place to climb is up to the top of Rapunzel's Tower. How very long was her hair?

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Snow White

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

On your walk through Storyland, you will come to the home of the seven dwarfs. Lying outside is Snow White awaiting Prince Charming's kiss to awaken her from the deep sleep induced by the poisonous apple.

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The Cow Jumped Over the Moon

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

In the story, the cow jumped over the moon. But, in Storyland we find out that the cow likes just sitting on the moon enjoying the kids and the fun of Storyland.

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The Mermaid Pond

(c)2011 Sharon Keating

There are many shallow waterways that wind through Storyland and one of the favorites is the Mermaid Pond. It's a perfect way to cool off on a summer afternoon.

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