Wake Island in Sacramento

All About the Cable Wakeboarding Destination of the West Coast

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Wake Island is a popular spot in the Sacramento region. With their cable wakeboarding system, you can wake board without the expense of owning and maintaining a boat. There are also other activities such as paddleboarding, swimming, and more.

What Is Wake Island?

Wake Island is the only full-size cable wake park in California. It’s located in Pleasant Grove, about 15 minutes from downtown Sacramento. Those living in the bay area and Tahoe region can also get to Wake Island rather conveniently – about two hours in either direction.

So what exactly is cable wakeboarding? In its simplest form, it is wakeboarding without a boat. Instead, riders are pulled by an overhead cable system. While cable wakeboarding, you will be attached to ski ropes and a series of towers will hold a rotating cable that allows you to ride along the lake. Unlike traditional wakeboarding where you ride on the wake of the water, cable wakeboarding simply uses the still water surface for the same great tricks and experience.

Why Is Cable Wakeboarding Popular?

The number one reason cable wakeboarding has been so popular across the nation is that it’s much more affordable than traditional wakeboarding. It is also much easier to learn. If you know someone who has ready access to a boat, it is likely because they themselves or someone they know have taken on the expensive commitment of owning and maintaining both a boat and wakeboarding equipment. With cable wakeboarding, you can simply arrive, hop on, ride and go.

Features of Wake Island

Wake Island features a few different activities to enjoy.

Main Cable

On the main cable system, you will be pulled around the nine-acre lake by an electric motor mounted on a tower. The ropes you hold are attached to a cable high above the ground, and you start by sliding off a ramp or sitting on a bench above the water. If you happen to fall (and most people do), then you simply swim to shore and get back in line for your next ride.

You will be given a wristband that the cable operators will check to monitor your allotted ride time.

Two-Tower Cable

This is the easiest way to cable wakeboard – it provides a soft start for beginners. You will find the two-tower cable in operation on the weekends, and it can also be used for private lessons and birthday parties on weekdays.This will be the recommended method if you are a rookie. 

Rad Rails

Coming soon to Wake Island, Rad Rails will add extra thrills to cable wakeboarding with the ability to jump and feel the freedom of flying over the water surface. They work much like a skateboard ramp.

Paddleboarding Lagoon

Wake Island is also home to a large, tranquil lagoon. Soon paddle boarding will be available – a peaceful alternative to the exhilarating rush of wake boarding. The 8 acre lagoon is a great way to relax and enjoy some quiet time while exploring the ins and outs of Wake Island.

Boat Lake

The 2300-foot boat lake at Wake Island is set up for optimal water skiing and is open only to private members of Wake Island.

Ways to Enjoy Wake Island

Wake Island is open for the following:

  • Private wakeboarding lessons
  • Birthday parties
  • Private lake membership
  • Paddleboarding
  • Special group events 
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