Wedding Vows Renewal Cards

Hallmark and Others Card Makers Salute Lasting Love

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Vow renewals are more popular than ever, and not just with married celebrities afraid of seeing their boldface names slip off the front page or the gossip sites.

Regular loving couples plan such a celebration (or spontaneously join one), and there are some of the same details involved as with a real wedding.

Whether or not you can attend this sentimental event as a guest, when a couple you love renews their wedding vows, there's a card to express your happiness and congratulations.

Although digital cards have their place, for an occasion of this kind a cloth or paper card connotes that you care enough to send something permanent.

Hallmark Designs a Special Card for Couples

In 2001, Hallmark was among the first card makers to publish and distribute a Wedding Vows Renewal Card that honors the occasion.

Hallmark’s original wedding vows renewal card offered good wishes to a married couple who are renewing their wedding vows in a ceremony, whether an informal or more elaborate one. Such a card allows family and friends to show support, recognize the strength of the relationship, and commemorate a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

"With about half of all marriages ending in divorce, for those marriages that endure, a renewal of vows can be significant,” said Hallmark trendspotter Marita Wesely-Clough at the time.

"As marriage progresses through stages — newlywed, having babies, married with children, empty-nesting, and retirement — as people begin to recognize more the significance of each stage, the milestones represented by each stage, and the value of an enduring relationship, we could be seeing more people wanting to renew their vows," Wesely-Clough continued.

"Celebrating traditions is more important today than ever before. It's a way to stay grounded in tradition as family, friends and community recognize and help celebrate the strength of a marriage."

More Resources for Wedding Vow Renewals Cards

Although Hallmark was the first big company to have the idea of dedicated cards for vow renewals, it's since been joined by numerous others since vow renewals, like weddings, are considered a revenue opportunity.

Both professionally crafted and DIY cards to celebrate a vows renewal are now more widely available. 

The couple themselves may want to issue save-the-dates for their vow renewal and after party. As with wedding invitations, distribute these far enough in advance so that potential guests will be able to attend.

Thanks to the Web, these are among the places where you can order vow renewal cards online, and some allow for customization:

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • Greeting Card Universe
  • Invitations by Dawn
  • Zazzle

Since there still is not a wide selection of cards that mark a vow renewal, you may also find an appropriate card to honor the event in the wedding or anniversary section. Be sure to read it carefully so it doesn't reference anything that does not apply to this occasion.

You can also find ideas and inspiration on Pinterest.

For the Personal Touch

If you're planning to make your own invitation cards or have someone customize them for you, consider having your original date of marriage, the lyrics of your favorite song, love poem, meaningful love quotes or specific quotes about marriage printed on the card. Religion followers may opt to include language from a sacred or holy book.

When you can't be present at your friends'  or family members'  wedding vow renewal ceremony to wish the couple well in person, make the effort to send your card with a love stamp — along with your very best wishes for many years of continued happiness together.