Volvo European Delivery Program

Gothenburg, Sweden

Volvo European Delivery allows a budget traveler to buy a new car and get a deeply discounted international vacation at the same time.
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Volvo's Overseas Delivery Program

Volvo European delivery begins at the factory center in Gothenburg (Goteborg), Sweden is usually the ending point of a Volvo vacation. The company offers about an 8 percent savings over U.S. MSRP on most models. 

Volvo offers free round trip airfare for two, one night in a "first class" Gothenburg hotel and free shipping to your U.S. dealer. Keep in mind this is a popular program, and its availability often is limited.

Note that you may only use the airfares when your car is ready for delivery.

Volvo also will give you free tourist registration and return shipment of your car, and they pay duty, port fees and European car insurance for 15 days.

Eligible models vary by model year.

The 2017 Volvo models available for European delivery are S60, S60 XC, S90, V60 XC60, and XC90, XC90T8, and XC90T8 Hybrid.

These are not all luxury automobiles, and the costs for these models can be $2,000 less than you'd pay stateside. The S60 currently is the least expensive of those eligible for European delivery at a price of $33,200.

Although there are 16 pick-up points for Volvo, the only one that does not involve a fee is Gothenburg, Sweden (the factory site). The others incur fees. There are similar fees for drop-off when your trip is completed: no fee for Gothenburg and shipping charges to Gothenburg from the other 19 possible drop-off locations.

Read the finer points here carefully. Some locations only accept certain currencies.

Look at your itinerary. Is it cheaper to pay a drop-off fee in Copenhagen when there is no charge in Gothenburg, 143 miles away?

This is not a new program, but it is a popular one. Volvo says more than 300,000 people have bought cars this way.

Many of them are military personnel or people with extended business stays planned for Europe. Others are simply people with the budget travel bug.

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