Volunteer Opportunities in Little Rock

Volunteering not only touches the lives of the people you're helping but it also touches your life. Many of these organizations have places for teens and children too, so age is no excuse. From 10 or 110, you can help out someone less fortunate in Little Rock.

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Heifer International

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Heifer International is a non-profit organization whose goal is to help end world hunger and poverty through self-reliance & sustainability. They are the organization that takes the old adage, "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime." to the extreme. by providing education and livestock to people all over the country. The only catch is that those people must do the same for someone else. The whole of Heifer is centered on the idea that people can be taught to help themselves. You can volunteer for Heifer in many ways including being an educator, fund raiser or coordinator. 877-663-1686.

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Local Food Banks or Pantries

According to the Arkansas Hunger Relief Alliance, 18.8% of Arkansans live below the poverty line and can't afford enough food to eat. That means that 1 in 6 of your neighbors struggle with making ends meet and providing enough food for their family. Organizations like Arkansas Rice Depot will take monetary donations or donations of goods. They can also use some volunteers to organize food, drives and even do clerical work. Many local pantries need help distributing goods. Here's a list of organizations and pantries you can contact.

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Local Homeless Shelters

Central Arkansas has over 1,000 homeless according to a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development count. Homeless shelters need everything from donations of clothes, food and money to help with meals and clerical work. Volunteers jobs vary by season and need. Call a local shelter and ask what you can do or check their website. Here's a list of local shelters.

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The Little Rock Zoo

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The Little Zoo includes over 600 animals representing 170 species and promotes the conservation of wild species and the environment. You can volunteer at the Little Rock Zoo in a few different capacities. The most dedicated volunteers are the Little Rock Zoo Docents who present animal programs and conservation education as part of the Little Rock Zoo education department. However, the Little Rock Zoo also uses volunteers for some special events.

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Arkansas Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital strives to make sure their young patients don't miss out on all the joys of childhood just because they are stuck in the hospital. You can help them by volunteering in arts and crafts, playrooms and other fun activities. You can also help out in the gift shop, do some clerical work or other non-patient care activities if you prefer. Children's also takes donation of money and items. 501-364-1825

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CARTI (Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute)

CARTI's biggest event is festival of trees.  At that event, volunteers do things like decorating trees, wrapping gifts and manning the silent auction. CARTI also has opportunities for non-holiday work including being a host, doing some clerical work and the patient pals program. They also take donations. 1-800-482-8561, ext. 612, or 501-660-7612.

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Pulaski County Humane Society

Let's not forget our fuzzy friends. The Humane Society needs volunteers to help give the animals a better quality of life by walking, playing with and cleaning them. They also need foster owners, volunteers for special events and donations of items for the animals. Call 501-227-6166 for more information or visit their website.

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United Way

The United Way Volunteer Center has more than 190 agencies in Pulaski County that each have opportunities for volunteer work. They will match your strengths and interests with volunteer opportunities. You can fill out a form online or call 501-376-4567.

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Kaleidoscope Kids

Kaleidoscope Kids helps grieving or ill children. They do need monetary donations but also need help making phone calls, making blankets and crafts and doing light office work. Visit their website or call 501-978-5437.

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Local Churches

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Even if your church isn't putting together holiday baskets or visiting people on the holidays, chances are one of the churches near you is. Many Little Rock churches outreach to families during the holidays and they would welcome your help too, even if you aren't a member.

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