Vive Unique: Vacation-Home Rental Agent for Luxury Villas + London Flats

Bali rental villa from Vive Unique
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What Vive Unique Offers, and Who It's For

Vive Unique is a high-end boutique home rental website founded by a team of passionate travelers based in London. Vive Unique is intended for luxury travelers who have weighed rented villas versus hotels and decided that a luxury villa rental is best for their vacation. And you're hoping to figure out a low-stress way to find your perfect vacation villa rental.

The quality of Vive Unique's homes is high. The properties have been handpicked to satisfy the high standards and elevated tastes of experienced luxury travelers.

How Vive Unique is Different from Similar Villa-Agent Services

The logic is this: Vive Unique's luxury travel clients live in beautiful, well-situated homes themselves. They expect to stay in a lovely place when on vacation.

Vive Unique differs from other luxury travel home-rental services. It calls itself a "boutique" service to reflect its highly personal attention to both home choices and to customer service.

What Vive Unique Homes Are Like

Vive Unique homes run the gamut. They vary in size from well-designed studios ideal for one or two guests to homes suitable for families and even family reunions.

Luxury amenities and features vary by property. Many have a balcony, terrace, patio, or deck; many have a swimming pool and/or hot tub; many have a fitness room, screening room, and so on.

Many of the larger Vive Unique properties have gourmet kitchens.

Every Vive Unique home has been carefully selected by the company's team of property experts for its central location, luxury, and style. The home's owners are carefully vetted as well.
• Beach homes
• City apartments, loft, townhouses, penthouses
• Ski chalets and Ski Club offerings
• Country villas and mansions

Where Vive Unique Homes Are Located

Vive Unique offers a wide range of desirable destinations worldwide. Apartments and townhouses are available in top urban destinations including:
• London (the company's home base, with many property choices)
• Rome
• Paris
• Barcelona
• Amsterdam
• Cape Town
• New York
• Miami
• Sydney
• Rio de Janeiro
• Tokyo
• Hong Kong

More adventurous destinations with Vive Unique properties include Reykjavik, Valencia, Phuket, Cape Town, Bali, and more.

How It Works: The Way Clients Pay for Vive Unique Home Rentals

Scams and come-ons are rampant in the vacation rental world. Vive Unique is a trusted, experienced company which protects users, their identities and their funds.

Clients pay Vive Unique, not the homeowner. Payments are made online via credit card using the most secure encryption technology.

To ensure uniformly high-quality service, property owners are paid 24 hours after the client's arrival and the client's assurance to Vive Unique that everything at the property meets their expectations.

Cancellation fees apply to confirmed bookings that the client decides to opt out of.

How Clients Find Vive Unique Home Rentals

Clients considering a Vive Unique rental can contact the company directly to recommend some properties.

Interested potential guests can also search for properties on Vive Unique's website. They can filter their search by:
• Date
• Price
• Number of guests or size of property
• Regions and neighborhoods
• Types of properties (beach, country, city, etc.)
• Specific features or amenities (pool, fireplace, hot tub, fireplace)

How Vive Unique Clients and Homeowners Work Together

Vive Unique manages guests' questions and requests before the vacation.

Fresh linens, towels, and toiletries are standard amenities. Special requests can be made in advance for services like grocery shopping, liquor stocking, housekeeping, cooking, or babysitting services.

When guests arrive at the Vive Unique property, they are typically met by the homeowner or the managing agent (when the property is managed by another party). They are given a tour of the property and presented with a house manual, and recommendations of local restaurants, attractions, etc.

During the Vive Unique client's vacation, The homeowner or manager is on call to assist with any questions or needs.

Vive Unique guests are usually met at check-out and are encouraged to leave a review of their stay.

For More Info on Vive Unique

• Vive Unique's website
• By phone from North America 646.688.4865
• By phone from elsewhere +44(0)20.7993.5599
• On Google+