Visiting the Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China
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Below, find out all the info you need for visiting the Great Wall. As you can imagine, Great Wall visitors number in the thousands per day. The Great Wall is one of China's most iconic sights and is a must-see for tourists, especially for those who will be in Beijing. While certain sections of the Great Wall are more touristy than others, no matter what the weather, no matter how big the crowds, visitors aren't disappointed with the Great Wall. It is truly a magnificent sight to see.

Great Wall History

The Great Wall is more than just a big long wall along the north of China. Read the full Great Wall History article to understand the centuries-long story of China's Great Wall.

Staying Near the Great Wall

There are a number of great places (and terrible places) to stay if you want to be in the vicinity of the Great Wall. All are driving distance from Beijing.

Day Tripping from Beijing

The Great Wall of China is easiest visited on a day-trip from Beijing, easily accessed from Beijing by tour bus, public bus or by hiring transport. The most popular spot for Chinese tour groups is the Badaling Section, as it is the closest to Beijing and has been open for the longest time to visitors (since 1957). But you don't have to settle for tourist masses. There are a number of sections to visit. The profiles below should help you decide what part of the Great Wall to visit.

Bringing Children to the Great Wall

Every family who's been to China wants a family photo on the Great Wall. Who wouldn't? Here are my tips for visiting the Great Wall with your kids.

Sections of the Great Wall near Beijing

Sections of the Great Wall in Other Parts of China

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