A Visitor's Weather and Event Guide for Travel to China in June

june sunrise china
••• June sunrise, Longsheng terraced rice fields, Guangxi Province, China, Asia. Getty Images / Angelo Cavalli / robertharding

June Overview

June sees the onset of real summer weather in China. It is also one of the wettest months of the year for all of China. The temps start to tick upward and the humidity will bring out the forehead sweat. It is still cooler and less humid than July or August, but you'll still need your handkerchief to dab at the brow.

Northern China, such as Beijing and Harbin are going to feel drier than central and southern China where the humidity will really start to settle in this month.

June Weather

  • Beijing: the average daytime temp is 86F (30C), the average number of rainy days is 10.
  • Harbin: the average daytime temp is 79F (26C), the average number of rainy days is 13.
  • Xi'An: the average daytime temp is 90F (32C), the average number of rainy days is 8.
  • Shanghai: the average daytime temp is 82F (28C), the average number of rainy days is 14.
  • Guangzhou: the average daytime temp is 88F (31C), the average number of rainy days is 20.
  • Guilin: the average daytime temp is 87F (30C), the average number of rainy days is 18.
  • See charts for Ave Temperatures in Major Cities
  • See charts for Ave # of Rainy Days/Month


Packing Suggestions for June in China

June can be a little bit tricky to pack right. It can be really hot in humid in much of China and then cool in other parts and in altitude. Of course, if you will be in the hot and humid parts, air-conditioning units will be cranking at full-speed.

So if you are sensitive to air-conditioning, then you might need a light sweater for cool inside environs and some evenings.

As stated, June is one of the wettest months in China so you will need to be prepared on that front as well. Here are some suggestions for packing for travel in June:

  • Comfortable and easy-to-dry shoes
  • Light and airy base layer - shorts, short-sleeve shirts. China is very casual so you'll be hard-pressed to be under-dressed. Sleeveless tops and shorts are suitable for women as well unless you'll be visiting Muslim regions such as Xinjiang and you'll need to dress conservatively in Tibetan temples. More on this: Visiting Xinjiang | Dos and Don'ts of Visiting Tibetan Temples | How to Dress in a Temple
  • Rain gear - but if you don't bring it, you'll be able to buy it easily

What's Great about Visiting China in June

  • Traveling when it is warm makes packing a little bit easier and less bulky. You can pack light-weight layers that don't take up as much space in your luggage. This will leave you with plenty of room for your treasure hunting and souvenir shopping.
  • Many schools are still in session in early June so you can still miss the summer holiday travel season when peak crowds hit many major destinations. While there is one short national holiday in June, the Dragon Boat Festival, it isn't a holiday that domestic travelers take a long break during so you won't have to manage around big crowds then.


What's Not So Great about Visiting China in June

If you are very sensitive to heat and humidity, then June, (as well as July and August) is not the time to travel to China.

The weather can be debilitating if you don't fare well in hot and wet climates.

But look on the bright side, almost everywhere is air-conditioned so you'll be able to cool off. Enjoy China in June!

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