Guide for Travel to China in July

shanghai street scene in summer
••• A typical street scene in Shanghai during the summer. Mike Kemp / Getty Images

July enjoys the dubious title of "Wettest Month in China". (It only wins by one day, on average, over May, June and August though, so it's not that bad.) There is no getting around it: it is wet, hot and extremely humid in July. But hey, it is summer after all, most places are hot and humid in July! Get your quick-dry clothes organized and head to China for the summer.

Surviving China in the Summer

Summer travel can be difficult in China if you or someone in your travel group is sensitive to the heat and humidity.

Combine that discomfort with jet lag when you arrive and there are bound to be some grumpy travelers. There is plenty you can do to offset the bother associated with the weather. Here is some helpful information on how to stay fit during summer travel in China.

July Weather in Brief

If you need some statistics to help you understand just what the weather and temperatures are going to feel like, then check out the averages for these cities below. These charts will help you to get an understanding of what it will feel like to visit China in July.

  • Beijing: the average daytime temp is 87F (31C), the average number of rainy days is 14.
  • Harbin: the average daytime temp is 82F (28C), the average number of rainy days is 16.
  • Xi'An: the average daytime temp is 90F (32C), the average number of rainy days is 11.
  • Shanghai: the average daytime temp is 89F (32C), the average number of rainy days is 12.
  • Guangzhou: the average daytime temp is 91F (33C), the average number of rainy days is 16.
  • Guilin: the average daytime temp is 91F (33C), the average number of rainy days is 15.

Packing Suggestions

Unless you get chilly in air-conditioning (and that is highly possible inside restaurants and hotels) you can forget the layers. You'll be warm everywhere you go except for high elevations. As stated, July is the wettest month in China so you will need to be prepared for rainy and humid weather.

  • Comfortable and easy-to-dry shoes - it is not a bad idea to have several pairs of shoes so that if one gets wet in a downpour, you will have something dry to put on. Or keep a pair of rubber flip-flops with you so that you can change out of nice shoes when it starts to rain.
  • Light and airy base layer - shorts, short-sleeve shirts. China is very casual so you'll be hard-pressed to be under-dressed. Sleeveless tops and shorts are suitable for women as well unless you'll be visiting Muslim regions such as Xinjiang and you'll need to dress conservatively in Tibetan temples. More on this: Visiting Xinjiang | Dos and Don'ts of Visiting Tibetan Temples | How to Dress in a Temple
  • Rain gear - you do not need to bring an umbrella but do purchase one when you get to China. A good rain jacket or shell is essential but if you forget to bring it, you will be able to buy it easily.

What's Great about Visiting China in July

I like traveling when it's warm, it makes packing a lot easier and less bulky - more room for souvenirs!

What's Not so Great about Visiting China in July

If you melt in heat and humidity, then July, (as well as June and August) is not the time to travel to China.

But look on the bright side, almost everywhere is air-conditioned so you'll be able to cool off.