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Main Street in Vancouver, BC is one of the city's most popular destinations. Running north-south from the east side of Downtown Vancouver to the city's southern boundary, and serving as the loose divider between the westside of Vancouver and East Vancouver, Main Street has attractions, shopping, nightlife, and diverse dining, including top spots for sushi and vegetarian cuisine.

In this Visitor Guide to Main Street, I'll walk you through all Main Street has to offer, from Chinatown to trendy "South Main" (Mount Pleasant) to the Punjabi Market (Little India).

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Vancouver Chinatown on Main Street

Main Street sign in Chinatown, Vancouver, BC

Tim Draper / Getty Images

Chinatown, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Starting at its north "end," Main Street "begins" just east of Downtown Vancouver, where it runs through the heart of Vancouver's historic Chinatown. Vancouver's Chinatown is the third-largest Chinatown in North America (behind New York and San Francisco). It's one of Vancouver's Top 10 Attractions for its historic landmarks--including the world's narrowest building, and the beautiful Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden--shopping and dining.

If you are staying in Downtown Vancouver, you can easily reach Chinatown and Main Street via the Canada Line / SkyTrain, Vancouver's rapid transit system; take the train to the Stadium - Chinatown Station.

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Science World on Main Street

Exterior of Science World in Vancouver, BC
Image Courtesy of Tourism Vancouver/ Science World British Columbia
1455 Quebec St, Vancouver, BC V6A 3Z7, Canada
Phone +1 604-443-7440

Science World is both one of Vancouver's best attractions for young kids (kids 10 and under) and a perfect rainy day activity. (Since the locals all know this, expect bigger crowds on a rainy day.) Geared for kids, this extremely interactive science museum has an activity space / mini gallery for babies and toddlers, the very fun, physics-oriented Eureka! Gallery (where kids launch balls and parachutes and experiment with sound and light), and special exhibits.

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Vancouver Breweries on Main Street

Growlers at Brassneck Brewery, Vancouver, BC
Photo by Dana Lynch
2148 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5T 3C5, Canada
Phone +1 604-259-7686

Vancouver is fast becoming a must-visit destination for craft beer lovers. There are dozens of craft breweries with tasting rooms in the city (and even more throughout the Greater Vancouver area), three of which are on (or very near) Main Street.

  • Brassneck Brewery (2148 Main Street) offers great sample paddles and has knowledgeable staff.
  • 33 Acres (15 West 8th Avenue) is sleek and modern.
  • Main Street Brewery (261 East 7th Avenue) has a great Vancouver vibe and is family-friendly.

All three Main Street breweries are south of Science World; if you're walking, it takes about 20 - 30 minutes to walk from Science World to Brassneck Brewery. You can also hop on a bus heading south on Main Street.

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South Main (Mount Pleasant) & Shopping

Mount Pleasant banner in Vancouver, BC
Photo by Dana Lynch
3772 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3N7, Canada
Phone +1 604-879-8431

While the official neighborhood name is Mount Pleasant, the portion of Main Street that runs from 2nd Avenue to 33 Avenue is also known as "South Main" or "SoMa".  While all of Vancouver has gentrified over the last twenty years, this area has rapidly and radically changed. Once genuinely seedy, students and artists moved in about 20 years ago, followed by hipsters--who transformed South Main into the trendy neighborhood it is today--and now affluent hipsters.

There's a very Vancouver-vibe to South Main that makes it a great destination for visitors. Along with several of Main Street's best restaurants and nightlife (see below), this area is one of the Top 10 Places to Shop in Vancouver. Along with home decor shops and antiques, there's boutique Canadian fashion such as​ Eugene Choo for men and women, and curio shops, like the locally-famous ​Front & Company

If you don't have a car, you will have to take a bus to South Main. If you get off the bus at Broadway and Main Street, you can simply walk south and explore the street--and all its shops--on foot. 

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Main Street Dining

Sushi at The General Public, Main Street, Vancouver
Image Courtesy of The General Public
1020 Main St second floor, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1, Canada
Phone +1 604-484-6018

These are some highlights for Main Street dining, arranged from north to south:

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Main Street Nightlife

The Main on Main
Courtesy of The Main on Main

Main Street is known locally for its hipster nightlife: craft breweries (see above) and brew pubs, relaxed bars, live music. It doesn't have the reputation for hard-partying that you find in Downtown Vancouver's Granville Street Entertainment District; it's also less expensive (and less "dressed up") than Yaletown nightlife or Gastown nightlife.

Top Main Street nightspots:

  • The Whip (209 E. 6th Avenue) is a gallery / bar with craft brews and seasonal casks.
  • Narrow Lounge (1898 Main Street) has a hipster, speakeasy vibe and is marked only by a red light at its alley entrance.
  • The Cascade Room (2616 Main Street) is both a restaurant (Pacific Northwest cuisine) and a hip nightspot.
  • The Five Point (3124 Main Street) is casual pub beloved by locals.
  • The Main on Main (4210 Main Street) has live music and local craft beers.
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Punjabi Market / Little India

Punjabi Market Vancouver
Photo by Dana Lynch
Punjabi Market, Vancouver, BC V5W 2G5, Canada

While Vancouver has a large South Asian population, its Punjabi Market / Little India district has shrunk in the last 15 years. Today, there are only a dozen or so shops covering just a few blocks of Main Street (48th Avenue to 51st Avenue), though the area does still play host to the annual Vancouver Vaisahki Day Parade

Though it is small--so, not a big selection of shops--it is still a great place to find Indian groceries and products, and Indian jewelry, from inexpensive bangles to fine gold. There's also a little bit of Indian fashion, including sarees and lehengas. 

There is no rapid transit to the Punjabi Market. If you have a car, driving is easiest (there's plenty of street parking), or you can take the bus.  

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