Visit Québec on a Budget

Québec offers a host of travel opportunities. It's a great place to enjoy winter sports, and with annual snowfall totals measured in feet rather than inches, there rarely is a shortage of snow for skiers, snowboarders, and tobogganers. Fall colors are brilliant and in summer the cities of Montreal and Québec City host major outdoor festivals. This collection of stories will direct you to the enjoyment and impart some tips for seeing Québec on a budget.

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    Rue Saint-Louis in the Upper Town area of historic Old Quebec, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada
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    Québec's largest city is also among the most strategic urban areas in North America. Well-acquainted with business travelers, Montreal is also a target for summer travelers who enjoy the street festivals and fall foliage enthusiasts. Montreal can be expensive, but its location so close to major U.S. population areas makes it a popular destination. Learn how to visit Montreal on a budget.

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    View from a Montreal hotel room.
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    Montreal is large enough to offer all the chain hotel options you could imagine, but also scores of smaller establishments steeped in the style and history of their respective neighborhoods. Take a look at some options from hostels and budget inns to a splurge hotel that offers value if not low price. 

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    Building a Picnic Lunch in Montreal

    Jean-Talon market in Montreal features a variety of fromage choices, cut and wrapped to your specifications.
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    Montreal has many fine restaurants, but some of the most memorable meals you'll enjoy here might be budget-friendly picnics. There is no shortage of great places to assemble a great picnic, starting with the huge Jean-Talon Market, one of the largest of its kind in North America. From fresh produce to a unique style of bagel, discover some of the great ingredients in a Montreal picnic.

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    Sunset over Quebec City as seen from Levis on the opposite shore.
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    Québec City is perched atop a hill overlooking the St. Lawrence River. It is at this point that the river becomes much wider -- and that is the meaning of the word Québec. It's the provincial capital, but also a key point in the history of North America. Accordingly, the Old Québec or Vieux-Québec historic area is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It's a great place for a weekend or a week of sightseeing. Take a look at some strategies for visiting Québec City on a budget. 

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    Quebec City offers a variety of accommodations to budget travelers.
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    A great budget strategy for visiting Old Québec is to stay as close to the historic sites as possible. Fortunately, there are many choices for rooms close to the action. Some are found in chain hotels, but many are smaller hotel properties. Take a look at a few options that will put you in central locations without a huge room rate. 

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    View from the bedroom in a suite at Palace Royal hotel in Quebec City.
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    One option in Old Québec is a full-service hotel offering 234 guest rooms and a location that affords excellent views of Vieux-Québec. Palace Royal Hotel features an impressive inner courtyard with indoor swimming and some room specials that can make it quite affordable, even for budget travelers.

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    Summer in the Old Town of Quebec City
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    As a tourist destination, Québec sometimes suffers from misunderstandings. Although the first language here is French, English speakers get along quite well. Distances are not as great as many would-be visitors expect when they look at a map of Québec. It's a huge province, but the proximity of Montreal and Québec City to major U.S. cities is surprisingly convenient. Try to avoid making these common mistakes when considering Québec travel.