Visit Van Gogh at the Art Institute

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    The Art Institute of Chicago

    Art Institute
    ••• The Art Institute is a must see on a visit to Chicago. Marcia Frost

    The Art Institute of Chicago is one of the most popular art museums in the world because of its many offerings. Its collection of famous artists from around the globe has made it a must-see attraction on a trip to Illinois

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    Feature Artists at the Art Institute

    Art Institute
    ••• The Art Institute has two entrances, but only one place to get tickets. Marcia Frost

    This Chicago museum prides itself on always having something new so visitors keep coming back. Special exhibits are also a big draw, though you can always find something here by such legends as Pablo Picasso, Grant Wood (painter of American Gothic), and Vincent Van Gogh.

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    Van Gogh's Bedroooms

    Van Gogh
    ••• Van Gogh's Bedrooms is definitely worth a visit. Marcia Frost

    The Art Institute of Chicago presented “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” to illustrate the artist’s talent and personal trials as he moved around Europe. 

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    Much More Than Van Gogh's Bedrooms

    Van Gogh
    ••• The Art Institute of Chicago frequently has special exhibits. Marcia Frost

    The “Van Gogh’s Bedroom” exhibit not only shows his three paintings titled The Bedroom, but it also displays many of his other works through the years, as well as the work of his artist friends. Some of these are on permanent display at the museum.

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    Jean Francois Millet, Friend of Van Gogh

    Van Gogh
    ••• Jean-Francois Millet was one of the artists who worked with Van Gogh. Marcia Frost

    French artist Jean Francois Millet, whose painting The Woodchopper is shown here at the Art Institute in Chicago, was one of the artists Vincent Van Gogh worked with. 

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    The Troubled Life of Vincent Van Gogh

    Van Gogh
    ••• The famous self-portrait .done by Vincent Van Gogh. Marcia Frost

    Although the Dutch painter was only 37 when he died of an apparent suicide, during that time he lived in 24 cities across 10 countries. Van Gogh's work, like this self-portrait in the Art Institute museum indicates, was mostly in the art field, he was also a teacher and a minister. He was always looking for a place and profession to belong to.

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    About the Bedroom Paintings

    Van Gogh
    ••• This is one of the three photos by Vincent Van Gogh labeled "The Bedroom.". Marcia Frost

    “The Bedroom” actually includes three paintings Van Gogh did of the same bedroom. This is the final painting hanging at the Art Institute in Chicago. Subtle differences can be seen in each one which illustrates the change in Van Gogh over the first month he lived here. 

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    Van Gogh's Time at Aries

    Van Gogh
    ••• After cutting off his own ear, Van Gogh checked himself into an institution in Aries, France. Marcia Frost

    Also included in the special Van Gogh exhibition at the Art Institute are paintings done by the artist during his time at Aries. Van Gogh stayed there after a breakdown in 1888, during which he cut off his left ear. This painting in the museum was done after that troubling time. 

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    More Dark Times for Van Gogh

    Van Gogh
    ••• Van Gogh did some of his most interesting work while hospitalized. Marcia Frost

    Before his death, Vincent Van Gogh also spent time at Saint-Remy Hospital. The Art Institute pictures painted during that period give a glimpse into his darker time. 

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    More Special Exhibits at the Art Institute

    Van Gogh
    ••• A replica of the Van Gogh bedroom. Marcia Frost

    “Van Gogh’s Bedrooms” is a special exhibition at the Art Institute of Chicago through May 10th. The museum continually presents exhibits such as this and “Van Dyck, Rembrandt, and the Portrait Print.” That exhibit is available at the museum through August 7th

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    Van Gogh Remains at the Museum

    Van Gogh
    ••• Montmartre in Paris remains a spot for artists to gather. Marcia Frost

    Don’t worry if you missed the “Van Gogh Bedrooms” exhibit at the Art Institute of Chicago. Many of the paintings in this special exhibition are permanently on display at the museum, including this one, Terrance and Observation Deck at the Moulin de Blute-Fin, Montmartre.

    Montmartre still remains a popular gathering spot for artists in Paris

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    The Art Institute Is on Top of the World

    Van Gogh
    ••• The Art Institute has paintings by many top artists. Marcia Frost

     TripAdvisor has named the Art Institute of Chicago the Top Museum in the World.

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    Location of the Art Institute

    Art Institute
    ••• TripAdvisor names the Art Institute as the Top Museum in the World. Marcia Frost

    The Art Institute is located at the intersection of Adams and Michigan in Chicago, Illinois. The museum has two entrances, one at 111 South Michigan Avenue and the other at 159 East Monroe. Valet parking is available (cash only), but limited. There are also public garages nearby.

    The Museum is open daily from 10:30-5:00 p.m., and until 8:00 p.m. on Thursdays. Illinois residents can enjoy complimentary passes to the museum on Free Thursday Evenings, though special exhibits are not usually included. The only days the Art Institute of Chicago is closed is on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. 

    Visit the Art Institute website for more information.

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