Visiting Niagara Falls in the Winter

Niagara Falls in Winter
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While the image of frozen ice pales in comparison to that of a gushing waterfall, visiting Niagara Falls in the winter is quite pleasant. It's actually one of the best times to visit if you can handle frigid temperatures. Think—flowing masses of snow and ice that stretch across the width of the falls in huge sheets. Imagine the way the sunlight reflects off the crystals. It's a beautiful site to see and the pristine experience is worth avoiding the summer crowds. And while certain activities may be closed in the winter, there's still so much to see and do that you won't be disappointed.

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Experience Low Crowds

Niagara Falls tourists
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If you've considered postponing your trip until the temperatures are a little warmer, you're not alone. And this is exactly why you should head to Niagara Falls during the winter. Most tourists prefer to come during the summer months, making the winter much less crowded. Get there early and you might just have the place to yourself. Booking your lodging is convenient too, as prices are low and vacancy is high. 

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Stay for Cheap

Frozen Niagara Falls
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Regional Niagara Falls hotels run incredible deals on rooms in the winter. A few even guarantee a stay with a view of the falls. These particular rooms can cost a fortune during the high season, depending on how far ahead you book them. Reserve one for an off-season vacation, in the spring and fall, and the prices drop a bit. But come wintertime, prices are the lowest if you are willing to brave the cold temperatures while on your weekend getaway.

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Enjoy Stunning Views

Frozen Niagara Falls
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Let's be honest—the view of Niagara Falls is magnificent year round. But during the winter months, there's something ethereal about standing on the brink of a massive water and ice flow. You just can't experience the attraction the same way during the summer months when you're surrounded by thousands of tourists, all hot and sweaty. Also, you might even be lucky to catch a glimpse of a full freeze. While it's rare, Niagara Falls has been known to freeze in its entirety on record-breaking winters.

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Free Up Your Summer

Niagara Falls at winter
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Many families embark on one big trip a year, but vacationing on the cheap—by taking advantage of discounted airfare, rental cars sales, and bundled lodging and activities—allows you to get more bang for your buck. That said, visiting Niagara Falls during the winter, when the deals are good, leaves you both money and time to check out another locale during the summer. And since summer temperatures are more conducive to camping, pair your winter trip with a summer camping vacation for an economical way to beat the stress and get outdoors. 

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See Something Unique

Frozen Niagara Falls
Photo Credit: Lavanya Krishnan

Most people head to warmer climates during winter to soak up the sun. And it's a tempting proposal, especially if you live at a cold northern latitude already. But switching it up with a winter trip to Niagara Falls offers a fun twist to typical beach lounging. Plus, you'll get to view one of the earth's most remarkable marvels. Try something different this year and check out the falls. The beach will always be there next year. 

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