16 Stunning Photos Proving Why You Should Visit Niagara Falls

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    Majestic Niagara Falls in a Purple Hue

    Niagara Falls
    Sungjiin Ahn Photography / Getty

    Let's be honest, Niagara Falls doesn't have a bad angle. Regardless of where you're standing the domineering beauty is a breathtaking spectacle. 

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    Sunrise at Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls at dusk.
    Sergey Pesterev / Getty

    And it doesn't matter what viewpoint you have, what time of day, or year you visit, it's always stunning.

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    A Warm Summer Day in the Gorge

    Niagara Falls from above.
    naibank / Getty

    It's easy to realize that the Falls is an incredible masterpiece by Mother Nature and that it's monstrous in size, but the reality of seeing it in person is so much more intense. There's a feeling you can't comprehend reading about it online or on paper. You have to see it in person to understand the magnitude of this structure.

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    The Falls From Down Below

    Niagara Falls from the bottom.
    Vicki-Marie Spyris / EyeEm

    The sheer size is astounding and to think that the hundreds of thousands of gallons of water that flow over this cliff every day never stops, and hasn't for thousands of years.

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    An Ominous Autumn Day at the Falls

    Niagara Falls in Autumn.
    Sergey Pesterev / Getty

    The Falls never look the same on any given day. It's almost as if it's a monster, lying in wait, experiencing emotions that are reflected in the atmosphere. A dark and gloomy day give an ominous persona to the Falls while a bright, sunny, summer day makes everything feel joyous. 

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    Niagara Falls Lit Up

    Niagara Falls, rainbow.
    Sergey Pesterev / Getty

    You can live in the area and visit the Falls often, but still walk away with a different perspective every time you're here.

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    Sunrise Over the Falls

    Niagara Falls at sunrise.
    Sergey Pesterev / Getty

    There are also moments that are incredibly special when you get to the brink of the gorge only to realize that you're the only one around. You have this incredible gift all to yourself and it happens much more than you would expect. 

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    A Frigid Day in Niagara Falls

    Winter in Niagara Falls.
    Simon's Photo / Getty

    Due to the sheer size and the fact that the winters can be brutally cold, you are almost guaranteed some peace and quiet during the winter months. People just don't have the energy to venture out, but if you're one of the brave ones you can be gifted with a personal experience between you and the Falls.

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    Stunning Light Show

    Niagara Falls at night.
    Noppawat Tom Charoensinphon / Getty

     At night the skyline lights up, illuminating the Falls in a stunning glow.

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    Horseshoe Falls From Above

    Niagara Falls from above.
    Simon's Photo / Getty

    And with three different sets of waterfalls, the American, Bridal Veil and Horseshoe Falls, there are plenty of different angles to see. 

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    Niagara Falls Goes Green

    Green Niagara Falls.
    Darwin Wiggett / Getty

    Millions of angles.

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    The Mist Wafts Over the City

    Smoggy Niagara Falls.
    Jane Sweeney / Getty

    Mornings might be the best time to visit because the views can be remarkable, with steam rolling off the Falls as the sun rises in the background, but each time of day offers its own beautiful views. The excitement on people's faces as they see the landmark for the first time, the shadows cast on the water as the sun sets, and the distant glow of Niagara Falls, Ontario in the background make every moment of the day a special one.

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    Sunrise in Ontario

    smoggy Niagara Falls.
    Simon's Photo / Getty

     You should never forget to bring your camera to save the memories of your trip.

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    A "Purple Rain" Over Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls in purple.
    vkbhat / Getty

    Every once and a while the Falls lights up in honor of a person or occasion. The Falls went purple for Queen Elizabeth II's 90th birthday, and unintentionally the death of Prince. 

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    Prehistoric Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls
    Marie.L.Manzor / Getty

    Even with all of the crowds and light shows, the Falls will always look like they were pulled right out of Jurassic Park, with its prehistoric ora.

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    Crystalized Niagara Falls

    Niagara Falls in winter.
    Simon's Photo / Getty

    While you probably have a long list of places to check of your travel bucket list, make sure that Niagara Falls is at the top. There's a rush of energy you feel standing at the foot of one of the natural wonders of the world. The experience is truly unlike anything else you'll ever experience.

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