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Oversees Marketing and Promoting of The Golden State

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Visit California (formerly known as the California Travel & Tourism Commission) is a non-profit destination marketing organization (DMO). It's charged with developing marketing programs that showcase the state as a top travel destination.

Like all DMOs, Visit California works in partnership with the travel and tourism industry. In California, that industry is a powerful force, bringing visitors to iconic landmarks from Hollywood to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Economic Benefit

According to Visit California, tourism spends in the state exceeds $106 billion annually. Those numbers translate into some 917,000 jobs and $6.6 billion in tax revenues for state and local governments.

Notable Campaigns

Visit California is much lauded for its innovative marketing, promotion and outreach programs to attract attention to the Golden State. In 2014 the organization launched its "Dream 365 Project" with a “24 Hours. 24 Dreams" campaign on YouTube.

Debuting in four different countries, the campaign takes over YouTube in a first-of-its-kind operation.

“24 Hours. 24 Dreams" is part of a digital strategy collaboration with the Google BrandLab. It gives Visit California a 100 percent share of voice on YouTube desktop and mobile sites for 24 hours in the US, Canada, U.K., and Australia.

The net result is more than 135 million impressions.

According to Visit California executives, the partnership with the Google-owned YouTube makes sense.  Google is emblematic of the creative energy and innovation the state is known for.

The collection of “24 Hours. 24 Dreams” videos revolve around a central theme: making dreams come true in California. Settings include legendary landmarks as well as lesser-known "hidden gems."

It's an eclectic mix of subjects, but all represent part of the California experience.

For example, the 24 videos include Bob Burnquist’s floating skate ramp, Edward Sharpe’s Big Top and a California DreamGig featuring the musical group Band of Horses to Coachella shot from the perspective of a GoPro camera hovering above the crowd. Additional videos feature a Boston Terrier’s Shasta Cascade adventures and a female surfing legend taking on the renowned surf spot Mavericks.

In addition to videos, the Dream 365 Project includes memes, tweets, time-lapses, and photos. It coincides with TV spots airing in the US, Canada, the UK and Australia to introduce the new brand messaging.

Tourism Trade Resources

Visit California also oversees a number of marketing resources for California travel professionals. They include an online travel professional community designed to bring travel-related businesses and industry partners together. Participants are reporting success in brainstorming about new ways of doing business and potential partnerships.

The Industry Relations Liaison Program provides travel-related partners and organizations with specialized tools and resources. It's a channel dedicated to relaying the latest travel industry trends, marketing data and research to help business planning and development.

The official program Liaisons meet with key stakeholders daily. They can provide invaluable insights and industry knowledge to those interested in increasing their travel and tourism business.

Moreover, participants in the Industry Relations Liaison Program can take advantage of co-opportunities, media events, domestic and international trade shows and publications appearing both in print and online. They can even submit content about California tourist destinations and experiences to the leading consumer website for potential visitors to California. The site attracts more than one-million visitors each month.

California Destination Specialist Program

Travel trade professionals interested in enhancing their credentials should consider the California Destination Specialist Program. It's an online training program designed to help professionals learn more about and sell California to clients. Subjects include premier destinations, attractions, cultural experiences, events and more.

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