Visa Requirements and Fees for Brazil

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The South American country of Brazil is not only one of the world's premier tourist destinations, but it also has an economy that has expanded significantly during the twenty first century which means there are many business travelers visiting the country too.

Unlike some countries which do not require a visa to be arranged in advance of travel to the country, many people who plan to travel to Brazil will need to arrange their visa before they depart from their home country.

The system can be a little complicated at times, too, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time before traveling to arrange your visa.

Brazil's Reciprocal Visa Policy

One of the most important things to note about the international travel policy for visitors who are coming into the country is that Brazil has chosen to take a reciprocal policy on visas and visa fees.

This means that where a country has no visa requirements for visitors from Brazil going to that country, visitors from that country will be treated in the same way when they travel to Brazil. Equally, for those who are coming from countries where there is a visa requirement and a fee for Brazilians traveling to those countries, they will have the same when they come to Brazil.

Different Visa Fees for Different Nationalities

As a result of this policy of charging reciprocal fees to visitors from different countries, it means that there can be a variation in terms of what people have to pay. As an example, in January 2016 visitors from the United States on a tourist visa paid 160 US Dollars, visitors from Canada paid 117 Canadian Dollars and visitors from Taiwan paid 20 Dollars. 

Those traveling from the United Kingdom or the EU didn't pay a visa fee, as none was being charged for those visiting the area from Brazil. Business visas for travelers from the United States were 220 US Dollars at that time.

One exception to this rule is that visitors from Australia, Canada and the United States will not be charged a fee for a tourist visa between 1 June 2016 until 18 September 2016, as part of the country's celebration of the Olympic Games to be held in Rio.

Arranging a Visa to Travel to Brazil

Those who do not require a visa to travel to Brazil will not need to carry out any further actions, but if a visa is required then make sure that you contact the Brazilian consulate or embassy well in advance of your travel date to make sure that you get your visa in time.

Bear in mind there may be some time in processing, and in some cases you may even need to make a visit to the consulate or embassy.

Passport Requirements and Onward Transport

If you are planning to make the journey to Brazil, one of the things that the Brazilian authorities will check is that a passport has at least six months before its expiration date. Technically, there is also a requirement to be able to show evidence that there is a valid ticket to leave the country, although this is rarely enforced.

Extending a Visa While in Brazil

Apart from visitors visiting Brazil from the Schengen Area in Europe, it is possible to extend the 90 day tourist visa up to a maximum of 180 days in any 365 day period. Once in the country the Policia Federal office is able to extend the visa for a fee of 67 reals.

However, in order to arrange the visa extension, the Policia Federal requires proof of departure from the country with a plane ticket. Those that overstay the visa will be charged a daily fee for the privilege, and further administration work before permission to leave, which can take several days.

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