Visa Information for Finland

Do I Need a Visa for Finland?

Aerial view of Helsinki
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If you're traveling to Finland, you'll want to find out whether you'll need a visa to visit Finland, and where you can apply for a visa. Let's find out with this useful Finland visa guide.

Who Needs a Visa for Finland?

EU citizens do not need a visa, they can stay an unlimited time as Finland is also part of the EU and EEA. Also, you will not need a visa if you're from any other country (e.g. Canada, USA, Australia) BUT you will be able to stay only a maximum of 90 days as a traveler without a visa for Finland.

You can get personal assistance at one of the Finnish embassies near you.

Who Needs a Passport to Enter Finland?

European Union citizens (except UK citizens) do not need a passport for Finland, a national ID is sufficient. Bring your passport if you're from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia or Asia.

Return tickets are not required when you enter Finland without a visa.

If you are a citizen of a country that is not listed here or you are unsure about your visa situation, please contact one of the Finnish embassies in your home country (website below). Should you need a tourist or business visa, also contact a Finnish embassy. Spouses and children of EU and EEA nationals may receive visas for Finland free of charge.

Finland visa information can be obtained at any time free of charge at your local Finnish embassy or consulate. You can locate the one nearest you via the official website of the Embassy of Finland.