Virtual Tour of Colmar in Alsace, France

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    Tour Colmar

    The 'little Venice' in Colmar
    Jean-Pierre Lescourret/Lonely Planet Images/Getty Images

    Built at the confluence of the Lauch and Thur rivers in Alsace south of Strasbourg, Colmar dates back to around 823. It became an imperial town in the 1200s.

    Some say Colmar is the most beautiful city in Europe, a point that's hard to argue.

    Colmar has always been associated with wine. It sits on the Alsatian wine route and calls itself the capital of Alsatian wine. Since wine is associated with good food, expect to eat well here.

    At the end of this virtual tour, you'll find some Colmar visitor information.

    The picture above shows the classic view along one of the prettiest streets, the Quai de la Poissonnerie.

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    Colmar, France: One of Colmar's Beautiful Squares

    Colmar Picture statye
    James Martin

    Colmar has a plethora of pretty squares and fountains, as befits a wealthy town. Wine, as we've pointed out, plays a part, and this statue celebrates the successful transplanting of the Tokay grape from Hungary to Alsace.

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    Boat Trips along Colmar's Canal

    Colmar Picture
    James Martin

    Boat trips along the canals are popular. Here, electric motors propel little boats silently through the best parts of Colmar. Boats can be hired at La Krutenau at 1 rue de la Poissonnerie, Sweet Narcisse at 12a Rue de la Herse, and Les Bateliers de la Launch at Embarcadere Rue Turenne.

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    Colmar's Colorful Flowers

    Colmar Picture flowers
    James Martin

    Colorful flowers are everywhere along the canals.

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    Colmar: Unusual Shutters along a Canal

    Colmar Picture shutters
    James Martin

    Here is a unique set of shutters on a canalside house.

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    Auguste Bartholdi Statue of a Boy Drinking

    Colmar Picture fountain bartholdi
    James Martin

    Auguste Bartholdi, the creator of the Statue of Liberty, lived and worked in Colmar, which hosts many of his creations, including this fountain of a boy drinking. There is a Museum in his honor in Colmar that features a large collection of sculptures, drawings, paintings, photographs and personal objects belonging to the sculptor.

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    Colmar: a Main Street and the Steeple of the Cathedral

    Colmar Picture
    James Martin

    Colmar's medieval streets are a joy to stroll in the cool of a summer's morning. Here is the main street leading to the cathedral.

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    The Musée Unterlinden and Colmar Tourism Information

    Colmar Picture Musée Unterlinden
    James Martin

    The Musée Unterlinden is a great museum housed in a former monastery. You can see a little of everything Alsace has to offer here, including archaeological objects, sculptures and paintings from the middle ages, and Renaissance art, as well as Alsatian popular and folk art. The museum is found at 1 rue Unterlinden. Highly recommended.

    The Colmar Tourist Office is located at 4 rue Unterlinden and is open Monday through Saturday 9-12 and 14-18. They can find you lodging and suggest tours outside the city. You can get maps and information on guided tours.

    Where to Stay in Colmar and Vicinity

    If you're in the mood for top drawer lodging in Colmar, try the highly rated Comfort Hotel Expo Colmar in the center of town. The reasonable three-star Hôtel Le Colombier Suites is a fine, centrally located hotel with friendly staff. If you have a car and are looking to save money over the ​pricey Colmar, Riquewihr is a nice wine town just outside of Colmar, so you may wish to look for a hotel there, especially if you have a car and like smaller towns.

    Colmar has a train station with direct connections to Basel, Switzerland and Strasbourg, France. Book a Train Ticket.

    Europairport at Basel is the closest airport.

    Starting in November, Colmar puts on a Chrismas market with traditions, gifts and culinary specialties.